Him... Just Him

Megan meets 1D... and Harry isn't what she thought...


2. Chap.2

~Next Day Still Megan's P.O.V.~
Niall: Morning Beautiful
Me: Morning Niall
Niall: What Do You Wanna Do Until The Lads Wake Up And Come And Get Me?
Me: WTF?
Niall: What?
Me: Where's The Food?
Niall: OhI Thought You Meant What The Fuck
Me: Nope I Say WTF Because I Always Want Food!!
*Someone Is At The Door* 
Me: Niall Want Me TO Get That?
Harry *From Outside The Door*: Niall You Never Told Me It Was A Girl!!!
Niall: Sure Megan You Can Get It 
Me: Okay! 
*I ANswer The Door*
Harry: I Came To Talk To Niall!
Me: No Shit I Thought You Came To Get The Mail!
Harry: Shut Up Bitch!
Me: You're Just Jealous Because Niall Got To Sleep In The Same Room As A Girl And You Didn't
Niall: Megan! Come Here!
Me: Okay Niall!!!
Niall: Megan Why'd You Say That?
Me: Because I Spoke The Truth!
Niall: *Grabs My Wrist And Feels Cuts* Megan! Ho-How? Why? 
Me: How? Razor. Why? I'm Ugly Your The Only One Besides My Female Friends Who Have Called Me Beautiful And I'm A Stupid Whore, Slut, And Bitch!
Niall: Megan Your None Of That! Your Beautiful!
Me: Niall Tell My School That! 
*Harry Barges In*
Harry: Megan Your Beautiful And I'm Sorry I Called You A Bitch. I Didn't Mean It I Was Jealous Like You Said. Don't Cut. Please.
Me: Why Shouldn't I? My Favorite Member Of One Direction Called Me A Bitch!
Niall: Megan He Apologized
Me: Okay So If I Call Him A Dick And Than Say Sorry He'll Be Fine With It?
Harry: Megan I Don't Ca- Wait Favorite Member Of One Direction? I'm Your Favorite Member??? Why?
Me: Because Your Funny In Interviews. And Seemed Like A Really Cool Guy.
Harry: oh... 
Me: now can you get out of my hotel room!?! 
Harry: but I thought I was your favorite member of the band?
Me: if you shut up and stop being a dick you still will be!
Harry: whatever you and Niall can make out now!
Niall: Uhm sorry to break it to you but we don't like each other that way were friends that's all!
Me: yea! Gawd there is a thing called being friends with the opposite gender! 
~Harry's P.O.V.~
Ugh Megan is so beautiful! Why did Niall have to be the one staying with her!? I mean obviously they don't like each other. They're just friends. I wish I could be the one sharing with her (; it seems like. Niall likes her more than just a friend... I mean Yea he calls girls beautiful but he doesn't tweet them follow them call them beautiful order food and SHARE with them and stand up for them. 
Me: Oh really just friends? Niall loooooooves Megan! 
Haha this is gonna really screw this up for them! Yay!
*Nialls blushing*
Megan: awe Niall!
Fuck fuck fuck did she just say awe?! Bloody god!
~Megan's P.O.V.~
Dam me and Niall can really play this I can see Harry getting mad(:
Harry: I'll be in your bed Megan *winks*
Me: Uhm okay?
~2 Days Later~
Having dinner with One Direction... I am getting made to sit by Harry..

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