Him... Just Him

Megan meets 1D... and Harry isn't what she thought...


3. Chap. 3

Ugh So I Am Getting made to sit by Harry >.<
Niall's bringing me and my family out... 
He says since he is my best friend that he should meet my family
I'm scared!
What if my dad doesn't like him?
My dad is picky on who i hang out with when it comes to guys!!!
Plus now i have to sit by Harry
Good thing is that I'm getting along with, Liam Louis and Zayn
Only problem is Harry
Well We are sitting 
Its My parents and my sister than Zayn Liam And Louis Than Niall Me and Harry
Every ones talking...
My parents like the boys 
it kinda seems like he is trying to impress them..
OhMyCarrot Someone is touching my leg (>.>) (<.<) (v.v) 
Oh It's just Niall hes nervous 
he is super scared of my dad..
i hate it
Okay now Harrys rubbing my leg...
Did i mention im in a short dress?
He keeps rubbing my leg >.< 
i cant jump every one would wonder what happend
i gave him a glare..
~Harry's P.O.V.~
Me:*whispers* Bed Tonight? *winked*
Dammit Niall noticed i winked!
Niall: Harry what are you doing?
me: Nothing!! *i said it a little to quick*

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