Little Horan

Taylor (that's my name so I use it in most of the fanfic I write.) had a drunken one night stand with no other than Niall Horan. What happens when she finds out she's pregnant with his baby? Will the baby lead them to true love? Read to find out.


1. I'm pregnant

Taylor's POV
I was going to the biggest party of the year with my best friend Demi. Yes Demi Lovato. I'm going to the biggest party of the year so of course there will be celebrities there. I'm actually kind of nervous. I heard Justin Bieber will be there, Ed Sheeran, Black Veil Brides, Little Mix and guess what One Direction! I'm a huge fan of 1D! Maybe since Demi is close to them she can introduce me to them especially Niall. He's my favorite. I fell in love with him the moment I saw him and his big blue eyes. I am a huge fan of Black Veil Brides too. I have really weird music styles. I like all types of music. Anyway I really hope I get to meet all of them tonight.

"Taylor, are you ready to go?" Demi asked me from downstairs. We share an apartment by the way.

"Yeah I'm coming Demi!" I screamed putting on my shoes. My hair was straightened and pulled it over to one shoulder and I did my makeup smokey eye with a pink lipgloss. I was wearing a deep purple cocktail dress that was strapless and only went down to my thighs and black pumps. Very revealing I know.

I walked down the stairs to find Demi looking great as ever.

"Damn girl you look amazing." I said to her

"You look hot too Tay."

"Yea but we all know who everyone will be staring at."

"You of course. I'll just have to introduce you to some guys at the party tonight. Maybe even someone with the name of Niall Horan." I blushed just by the thought of him. Demi knew I had a crush on him.

"You think he'll like me?"

"He'll love you. He'll love you so much I won't even see you tonight, you'll wake up in his bed completely naked."

"Yeah right."

We got to the premiere and I met Justin Bieber first.

"Hi I'm Justin you can just call me J."

"Hi J I'm Taylor."

"I heard you like my bro Niall."

"Demi told you didn't she."

"Yup, listen you've got a good chance with Niall I think. He's always been into blondes." J winked at me.

"I hope. Wish me luck?"

"Good luck with Nialler. I gotta go but I'll give you my number and maybe we can hang out sometime?"

"Sure." He programmed his number into my phone under J :). "See you around."

Walking with Demi I also met Ed Sheeran.

"Hello love." We talked a little while and I got his number. I hit it off with Perrie and I got her number. I really hit it off with Andy and Ashley from Black Veil Brides. Jinx just looked at me. He kinda creeped me out.They were like brothers to me already. I got their numbers too. Demi introduced me to the boys last.
Harry gave me a peck on the cheek and gave me a small wink. Louis introduced him self while looking at my ass and kept saying we have to be related. I agree we have the same ass. And he did look similar to me in the face. Liam just shaked my hand and said hello like the polite boy he is. Zayn did the same. How respectful are they. But when Niall looked at me it was different than looking at the other guys I've met. Like a feeling I couldn't explain. He looked at me with pure lust and he bit his lip looking down my body before he spoke.

"Hello beautiful. What's your name?"

"Hi I'm Taylor."

"Beautiful name for a gorgeous girl." I blushed. Is he really into me. Or is he drunk already? He did have a drink in his hand.

"Thank you."

"How about you come sit with me over on the couch?" I did and we talked all night. He gave me drinks and by this time I was really drunk. He kissed me out of nowhere I could taste the alcohol on his lips. That's all I can remember until the morning. I woke up in a bed somewhere completely naked next to a guy. Oh god what did I do last night? Obviously I had sex I just can't remember it. That's kinda bad considering I was a virgin until last night. I always planned on losing my virginity to the one I loved, having the night be perfect and romantic but now the only thing I wished I had is just memory of it. I turned over to see Niall! I lost my virginity to the one and only Niall Horan! The one I've been crushing on for months. I really wish I could remember it now.

The whole week I've been waking up with morning sickness and my back has been aching a lot. Could I be pregnant? I took a test and I swear these past 3 minutes have been the longest 3 minutes of my life. Times up. I looked at the counter to see two pink stripes pop up on the stick. I'm pregnant with Niall Horan's baby.
That was 2 months ago . I'm two months pregnant with Niall's baby and I haven't seen him since. I told Demi and she's been trying to get a hold of him but he won't pick up his phone. I'm already starting to show. Demi is calling Niall now on video chat to see if he'll be able to talk. Surprisingly he answered.

"Hi Demi. Who's your friend?" He didn't even remember me.

"Niall you met her two months ago at the party. Remember?" Demi asked.

"No I actually I don't. I was completely wasted."

"So was I." I said.

"Then how do you remember me?"

"I woke up the next morning next to you naked." He was drinking water at the time that I told him and he choked on it.

"What? Are you sure we really had sex?"


"How are you sure?"

"I think I should tell you this in person. But I think you'll figure it out when you see me." He was still oblivious to the hint I gave him trying to tell him I was pregnant.

"Ok.... I can meet you now before I go to the studio. Where do you want to meet?"

"Just meet me outside our apartment."

"K see u in 10."

"K bye." And I singed off. He was therein. 10 minutes. He knocked on the door and I opened it.

"What did you mean when you said I'd understand when I saw you." He still couldn't see my bump. I turned sideways so he could see the small but visible bump in my stomach.

"Oh my god you're pregnant."

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