Little Horan

Taylor (that's my name so I use it in most of the fanfic I write.) had a drunken one night stand with no other than Niall Horan. What happens when she finds out she's pregnant with his baby? Will the baby lead them to true love? Read to find out.


2. Do I Like Her?

Niall's POV

She's pregnant. How do I know it's mine though for all I know she could be a total whore.

"I know what you're thinking. That it can't be yours but I know it is because I was a virgin." She told me.

Now I felt bad. One because I thought she was a whore, and two because it was her first time she doesn't even remember. I'm going to be a father. I'm only 19 and I'm becoming a father. A minute ago I was a single young boy living the dream of being in a boy and and the next minute I'm going to be raising a family.

"It's fine if you don't want to help raise the kid. I know it's hard for you since you're in a band." What is she nuts?! I'm not just going to leave and ever see my child!

" Oh no! I want to help out. It is my kid and I want to be in it's life."

"I'm glad to hear it. You want to come in?"

"Sure." When I got in the house Demi was at the top of the steps.

"Hi Niall. I guess you found out?" She said asking about.... What's her name? I don't think I asked her. Maybe I did when I was drunk but I don't remember. Well anyway asking about her being pregnant. Still shocked I quickly nodded.

"You look pale you want to sit down?" Demi asked. I nodded again. I sat down and stared at the ceiling. I'm going to be a father. Demi and her friend or carrier of my baby sat by me staring at me blankly. It was kind of an awkward silence until Demi broke it.

"So since Taylor's pregnant with your baby, why don't you two go and get to know each other? Go out to eat or something?" Taylor. Beautiful name. Taylor nodded and looked at me.

"Sure. I think it's a good idea." I agreed and we stood up and walked out the door. I walked up to my car and opened the door for her. She muttered a 'thank you' and got in. I went around to my side and started the car. There was an awkward silence between us but it was yet broken once again, by Taylor.

"Where do you want to go?"

"Anywhere. Doesn't matter. You pick."

"Ummm Nandos?" I'm loving this girl already.

"My favorite place to go." She smiled and looked out the window. My eyes were focused back on the road. I looked back at her and noticed that she was very beautiful. Her blonde hair rested over her shoulder and came down to about her waist. Her blue eyes shined so brightly, maybe even brighter than mine. Her plump pink lips would shimmer when the light hit it due to her lipgloss. God I wish I could kiss them- wait what? I just met her. I can't like her yet. Or can I?


Sorry it's been so long. I've been really busy with school and getting ready for high school next year. Also I don't have too many ideas so if you do have any let me know and I can build off of that. I'll give you credit I promise!
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