Guy of Gisborne: The Untold Tale

Guy of Gisborne is always in the shadow of the Legendary 'Robin Hood', second best in Nottingham (after the sheriff) and was even second best to the woman he loved.
"Where's my praise and glory? My moment in the spotlight? My happy ending? Here, that's where. I ask you to join me, Guy of Gisborne, on a journey of my life and how it all came to this moment. My happy ending."


3. The Unanswered Question.

"What did you say?!" The pale female asked with a surprised expression. Whereas, Guy, realising what he had just said, stammered his words for about a minute before actually saying something she could understand. "Erm, I er... thought you were someone else." His low voice had filled with sorrow once again. Although he stood there shocked as he couldn't take his eyes of her familiar face. She just stood there and had now grown impatient of the gawking male.

A loud crash was heard down the hallway followed by footsteps heading toward the door to the throne room. "Quick, you have to get out of here" Pressured Guy. He was pushing her towards the window and gave her the cloak back. She was befuddled at this strange alteration of attitude coming from Gisborne. "Why are you helping me?" She questioned as she put the cloak back on and sat on the window sill, ready to climb out. "You just remind me of somebody I know. Erm, used to know." He corrected himself. He wanted to know her and who she was. After all, she was the splitting image of Marion.

As Gisborne helped the young woman out the window, he was perplexed at the resemblance. "What is your name?" He compassionately asked. She looked up at him with wonder as she was climbing down the rope. "It's not important." She rudely replied. "All you'll do is look for me and throw me in the dungeon." She stated firmly. Guy just ignored her and helped her down, making sure she reached the bottom safely. He turned towards the door as it opened, stood up straight and smiled. The sheriff walked in and gave an odd look to Guy. "Gisborne. Why are you smiling?" The sheriff seemed alarmed and frankly, disturbed. Gisborne dropped the smile in a quick of a flash and returned to his usual depressing emotion as he answered the Sheriff. "Erm, no reason Sir, anything I can get you?" The Sheriff sighed and shrugged as he plonked down on the thrown chair whilst attempting to think up new tax collecting strategies. He rambled on to Gisborne, who had now sat by the window watching the outside world whilst his mind was only focused on one thing.

"Those sweet brown curls, those bewitching brown eyes, red glimmering lips..." Guy's mind and heart had overtaken him as all he could think about was her. "Gisborne, are you listening?" The Sheriff asked firmly. Guy was too busy day-dreaming to listen. "Gisborne!" Barked The Sheriff. Guy quickly snapped out of his fantasy and rejoined reality. "Yes Sir, very good, Sir."

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