Guy of Gisborne: The Untold Tale

Guy of Gisborne is always in the shadow of the Legendary 'Robin Hood', second best in Nottingham (after the sheriff) and was even second best to the woman he loved.
"Where's my praise and glory? My moment in the spotlight? My happy ending? Here, that's where. I ask you to join me, Guy of Gisborne, on a journey of my life and how it all came to this moment. My happy ending."


2. The Hooded Figure.

Guy went back to the castle grounds to meet with the fellow tax collectors. He walked into the throne room where a long table was surrounded with men dressed in armour and some dressed in farmers clothes. There was one person in the corner with a hood over their head and a small bag full of money. This strange figure didn't cross Guy's mind, he was too busy with other things to worry about. "So", started Guy, calling order to the talkative folk men. "Shall we begin?" Guy suggested, his voice sounded rough and out of place. He pulled out a piece of parchment that had a list of towns written on it. He brought the ink and feather towards him, ready to tick off the towns. "Loxley" he called uninterruptedly.  A short man with floppy hair quickly stood up, strutted over to him and put the bag of coins in front of him. Many other towns were called, followed by many bags of coins. When the last town was called and the last bag was placed, he dismissed everyone and congratulated them on the first week where no one had been arrested. As soon as the men had left the room, Gisborne was scribbling notes on the parchment. What he didn't notice was the hooded figure in the corner of the room was still in the same place. Gisborne felt that something was not right and had stopped writing. He remembered. "Oh" he muttered as he slowly looked up at the figure. "Going to rob me, are you?" The figure pulled out a medium sized sack and slid it across the table. "Put the money in the bag" a woman's cockney voice demanded. "A woman?" laughed Gisborne. "That's hilarious!" he insisted. "Oh I 'ardly agree!" Replied she. "You see, you're just like the others. Always laughing at me but never knowin' what I'm capable of." She stood up and walked over to him, her boots getting louder as she drew nearer. "I'm not going to tell you again. Put the money in the bag. Or I'll kill ya!" She drew a sharp silver sword and pointed it in his direction. Gisborne sat there carelessly and chuckled under his breath. His face changed when he realised she wasn't joking. He rose from his seat with a disheartened look upon his face. He could faintly see hidden brown eyes veiled in the shaded silhouette of the hood that was covering her pale face.

She grew irritated that he had stood up and challenged her. So she pushed him with all her strength until his back slammed against the cold brick wall. She put the sword to his throat whilst her glimmering red lips spoke a rough angry tone. "I will kill you. Without hesitation!" Hearing this, Guy nodded in agreement but showing no fear whatsoever. He seemed a bit puzzled about how her accent had all of a sudden become posh. She also gave him a look of confusion whilst tilting her head to one side. She grabbed the bags and started running off. Guy stood on the back of her cloak rapidly revealing her identity before she could get away. She violently came to a halt with her back facing Gisborne. She gasped and tried to put the cloak back on. Guy had pulled it away from her before she could get it. She stood up firmly and faced the wall so he could not see her.

"Turn around." He demanded, as she looked around in front of her to find an escape. The only way to escape was out the window in front of her but the bags of money were behind her. She sighed as she realised she couldn't leave without the bags but did not want him to see who she was. Seeing no way out of this, she slowly turned around to face him. She turned around to find him leaning against the wall with his arms folded and legs crossed whilst pulling a smirk. The smirk had slowly washed off his face as he saw hers. He whispered under his breath quieter than a mouse could ever imagine. "Marion?"...

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