Guy of Gisborne: The Untold Tale

Guy of Gisborne is always in the shadow of the Legendary 'Robin Hood', second best in Nottingham (after the sheriff) and was even second best to the woman he loved.
"Where's my praise and glory? My moment in the spotlight? My happy ending? Here, that's where. I ask you to join me, Guy of Gisborne, on a journey of my life and how it all came to this moment. My happy ending."


1. Former Regrets.

The noisy tavern was filled to the brim with the local villagers. The smell of the finely aged ale filled the air, along with the laughter of the local children. Nobody seemed to notice the lonely soul in the darkened corner, hidden in the shadow, camouflaged well with his black leather jacket, black long messy hair, black boots, leather trousers and his dark looking face. The only piece of kindness visible on him was his small blue eyes. They told stories that his mouth would never say and had seen things, he would never in a million years, be able to find the words to explain. This is what made him so dark, he'd been around the darkness for so long, he had become a part of it. "Why?" the dark figure mumbled into his flask of red English ale. As he sat there in the corner alone, he wondered many things to himself. He was lost in his own mind and memories. "Why? Why did I do it?" Guy of Gisborne, otherwise known to others as 'The tax collector', was having a few slight problems in his life. A developed and growing drinking habit, a dead end job as pet to the sheriff, and the never-ending hallucinations of the murder he committed on the love of his life.

As he held his half empty flask, he couldn't help but think of her, Marion. After all, this was the place he used to bring her. His mind wandered through memories that made him happy, a small smile slid across the corner of his mouth, whilst a single tear rolled down his cheek. He doesn't want this anymore, this pain and torture. Only death is his friend now. And what joy that would bring to him if it meant that he could see her once again...

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