In my Possession

This isn't a Cinderella story, this isn't a fairy tale, this shit, is real life. If you don't want to read it, don't judge a book by its cover. If you do, go ahead and read.


2. Zayn's POV

Niall look at me after Faith ran up the stairs. I try with all my might to say something but am unable to.

"Sorry about that. Faith can be a little ornery sometimes. Go on." She gestures us into a bigger room with a couch and a couple chairs. All five of us choose the couch. "So." Oakwood continues, "The Charity concert will be held in and hour. So be ready." She walks out of the room. I can heard her walking up the steps and then three loud bangs. Louis takes out his phone to call the police but Liam puts his hand down over it so he won't.

We are all so quiet you can hear a pin drop, looking at the ceiling trying to hear what Oakwook is doing to her. "Faith!" She screams, "Come on! I know you want to cry!" How can she no be crying. All we've heard coming from up there are bangs and a few whimpers. A shriek comes from up there and then all is silent. No one moves, no one says anything. 


Faith's POV

I feel blood dripping down my head and wipe it away with my sleeve. I force my eyes open to look around to see if Miss Oakwood was anywhere, she wasn't anywhere so I try to stand up. I manage to do just that, but nearly fall trying to go down the stairs. Struggling to stand up straight I run into a taller guy I think I've never seen before. "Hello." Says a slow British accent. I look up to see a mop of brown, curly hair and sparkling emerald eyes. "What happened to your head." He touches the gash on my head. I open my mouth to say 'nothing' but a shorter brown haired guy comes in behind him. "Harry, we need to get her to a hospital."

"Liam, I'm handling this." The guy who is apparently Harry protests. "Yeah, lad. I agree with Liam, we need to take her to a hospital." another guy adds, but this one doesn't have brown hair like the other two, this one has black hair. They all gather around, storming me with questions. Then I black out.

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