In my Possession

This isn't a Cinderella story, this isn't a fairy tale, this shit, is real life. If you don't want to read it, don't judge a book by its cover. If you do, go ahead and read.


1. Niall's POV

"Niall are you ready yet?" Harry yells pounding on the door, "We have to go, NOW!" "Yep!" I reply pulling on a t-shirt.

The boys and I are going to an orphanage for charity. I am actually excited because I love kids.

We all get in the car, Louis driving, Harry sitting in front next to him, Liam in the middle between me and Zayn, and me sitting behind Harry. We have to drive to a average-sized town in Texas, its called Sugar Land, I think. We past some stray dogs roaming around a vacant lot, then we enter a town buzzing with cars and people crossing streets to get to their jobs. Eventually we get to a large, modern looking building.

I walk in first followed by Liam, then Zayn, then Louis, then Harry. "Hello." A woman that looks to be about in her mid-twenties said to us, "I suppose you five are the boy of One Direction. I'll call the children down to meet you. All of them are very excited to meet you." She presses a button and eleven children walk down the stairs to greet us. "Now, roll call." She takes out a clip board and begins reading off names. "Violet"

"Here." A small child steps forward, "Hello. I'm Violet Andrews. I am five years old and pleased to meet you" For a five-year-old she seems pretty intelligent. She shakes all of our hands and steps back. "Alyx." The woman calls.

"Here." A short boy with buzzed hair steps forward, "Hello. I'm Alyx Parker. I am seven years old and pleased to meet you." And like Violet he shakes all of our hands then steps back. "Trinity" The woman says.

It goes on like this nine more times, but with different people, five girls six boys, until she get to some girl named Faith. "Faith? Faith!" She yelled up the stairs.

The door behind us bursts open and girl with long brown wavy hair pushes through us. "Sorry Miss Oakwood. I was at the library... Who are you?" She questions us as her eyes flicker up and down each of our bodies. I was about to answer but the woman who is apparently Miss Oakwood interrupts and says, "That doesn't matter right now. Where have you been?!"

"I'm very, truly sorry. I was studying for the finals at the library with Noelle." She explains.

"Well, your punishment will be given after theses young men leave." She pauses, waiting for the girl to respond. Miss Oakwood sighs and turns to us, "Alright, this is Faith. Introduce yourself."

"Hello. I am Faith Hill. I am eight-teen and pleased to meet you." Faith says with her head down.

"Well go on. Shake their hands." Miss Oakwood orders.

She shakes all of our hands but when she come to me I giver her a hug, and she hugs me back. "Faith! What have I told you about hugging strangers?!" Miss Oakwood exclaims.

"Actually, I hugged her." I state.

"No. I hugged him." Faith says quietly, "Whats my punishment?"

"Go up to your room, no supper for you."

"But I haven't eaten breakfast or lunch!"

"I don't care!"

"Noelle is already asking questions!"


"Because of this!" Faith lifts up her shirt over her stomach. You can see all of her ribs and a few bruises.

"Faith! Put your shirt down!"

"WHY!? IT'S NOT LIKE THEY HAVEN'T SEEN A FORCED ANOREXIC BEFORE!" She yells, "Oh wait, they haven't because they are rich and famous and can afford to by their own food!" And with that she storms up the stairs without another word. I just turn to Zayn, who is just at surprised as me.

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