In my Possession

This isn't a Cinderella story, this isn't a fairy tale, this shit, is real life. If you don't want to read it, don't judge a book by its cover. If you do, go ahead and read.


4. Liam's POV

We all look at Zayn speechlessly. "Zayn," I pause, "She's the same age as us and what if one of us, you know, falls in love with her."

"Liam! We are not playing the what-if game!" Louis exclaims. 'Well Louis! Its true though. One of us could fall in love with her. And plus, she is the same age as us and one of us would have to be her father" Niall says. "I honestly think think that Liam or Louis should be that father, I mean, Liam's the most mature and Louis is the oldest so I guess that would work if one of them were the father." Harry explained.

"I think that Lou should be her father because he is the oldest and since he acts more like a child, she'll be the one taking care of him, not the other way around." Liam says.

'Well I suppose you're right." Louis confesses raising both his hands up, "I'll go talk to Miss Oakwood."

A hundred thousand questions are racing through my head. questions like, how old is she really? Would she want to live with us? Does she hate us?

Miss Oakwood's POV

"Hi, are you Miss Oakwood?" One of the boys asked me. "Yeah. What do you want?" I coldly ask, kind of expecting him to ask What's up with Faith? or What happened to Faith? "Actually, I am thinking to adopt. May I see some files." I am a little taken back by his statement because not many people come to adopt, especially pop-stars. "Uhm, yeah sure." I say opening a file cabinet.

I pull out a huge stack of files and set them on the table. "Thanks. He cheekily smiles. I have to say, he has an infectious smile, but I don't smile.


Later he came back saying that he had made a decision. "And who do you want to adopt?" I ask. "Well let me just get my supervisor." He leaves and comes back with another brunette dude. "Yes, we would like her." He says as he slaps down a file. I look at it and see who they have chosen, Faith Hill.

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