In my Possession

This isn't a Cinderella story, this isn't a fairy tale, this shit, is real life. If you don't want to read it, don't judge a book by its cover. If you do, go ahead and read.


3. Harry's POV

The doctors and nurses ask me the same question over and over, "What happened?' I always answer with a stern "no" because I'm for sure what happened or if she even wanted us to tell anyone. Faith shakes her head as she sits up in her head and as soon as she did so, Liam rushed to her side asking if she felt alright.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. Get off my back." She scolds as the nurse walks in. "Yes, please, leave her be. She need her rest." the nurse calmly informs him. He leaves her side and goes to talk to Zayn.

I run my finger through my curls and slowly walk over there. "Hey curly." She smiles up at me poking me in the stomach. "Hey." I reply quietly. "Did you tell them what happened?" she asks. "Nah. I actually didn't know exactly what happened, so I didn't tell them." I pause, "What did happen?" "Well you see, Miss Oakwood doesn't like it when I disobey her, or go and be social, so, she hit me over the head with a vace." "What are you going to do when they let you out of the hospital?" "Well, I want you to bring me back" She explains. "What?! No! You can't go back there! If she abuses you I can go and tell child services and they will put you in a different one!" "That's the thing, if they put me in a different one, it may be even worse."

I get up and walk to where the boys are standing. Since they haven't noticed me standing bihind them, I listen to their conversation. "We should take her home." Niall smirks. "No! Niall! Gross!" Liam exclaims. "Actually, I think Niall's on to something." The boys all turn to Zayn, "We could adopt her."

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