17 Year old Ashley hasn't ever had a childhood. She spent most of it taking care of her little sister, Amelia. Before that, her and her sister were abused by her step dad when their mother died. Now that Ashley's in school, she's had a unwanted, sexual abuser. She doesn't know his name, his age, his reasons for hurting her like he has been. All she knows is if she tells anyone, or if she doesn't do exactly what he tells her too. He'd kill her. Her whole life she's only felt harm, hate and beatings from the male species, that is until Niall. No male has ever been so gentle with her. She gets caught up in what she thinks is her trying to protect and take care of her little sister that she forgets to take care of herself. Can Niall help her with all this damage she's been forced to live through? Or will she shut him out like everyone else in her life.


31. Yes, This is love.



Ashley's POV:

"Miss Ashley?" A suited man who was NOT Niall walked up to me. "Y-Y-Yes?" I stuttered stupidly. "Right this way miss." He held out his arm for me to take, I awkwardly did so as we walked to the limo. And man what a limo it was. The outside of the beauty was spotless, the inside was more than perfect, and the driver. Geez, he was so polite yet so emotionless, it was scary yet exciting. "Um." I mumbled as I sat in the back of the not-so-cheep vehicle. "Where are we going?" I asked quietly. "I'm sorry, what was that?" Damn, speak up Ash! "*Cough* Um, I asked where we were going..." "Oh, I'm sorry miss but- I'm not aloud to say." I huffed. Course he's not aloud to say stupid! Now shut up and stop asking damn questions! The ride there was a little bumpy, the road we drove on wasn't NEARLY as nice as the seat I sat upon. The limo stood out, a little too much for my taste but hey- I've never ridden in a limo before, so I might as well enjoy the ride. Smiling and waving to any passing car I saw, I hear Mr. I'm-too-cool-to-talk roll up the screen that separates me from him. Well then. I huff, sliding into my chair and staring at the head of the chair in front of me. Suddenly, the headlights of other cars twinkle in the way-too-dark of a street. I can see where we're going. It looks familiar, I've been here before. Not recently. But some time last year, I think. Hmm.... I'm- I'm sleepy....


"Miss Ashley? Miss Ashley? We're here. Are you awake?" I fluttered my eyes open to find the soft light of the limo pouring onto my face. Oh right, the limo. Damn, I thought that was a dream. "May I help you out miss?" I nodded, sliding upward and taking his hand. "Thank you." I murmured sleepily to him. Then I turned around. Wait, what? This is NOT what I'd be expecting. "Wh-Wh-Why are we at my old school?" I look a little bit further into the distance and block out my surroundings. And there's Niall, pacing back and forth, talking to himself, shaking his head 'yes', shaking his head 'no'. "Niall?" I cock my head to one side. "Um, Mr. Horan might need a minute." Mr. No-sense-of-humor actually cracked a joke. I laughed warm heartedly. "Shall I bring you to him?" He asked, turning back into his old self. "Yes, please." I smiled. And as we walked, my blurry just-woke-up vision became clearer. "H-H-Hi." Niall stuttered nervously. I smiled. "Hi yourself." I took notice in his suit. He let out a nice, deep breath of relief. "I can take it from here, thank you, Jon." Niall nodded to the man who I just recently spent half my evening with. "Thank you." I breath as I wave to 'Jon'. "So...." Okay. Here goes nothing. "Lindsay loves you." I stare at my knotted fingers. "What?" He snapped. He seemed somewhat pissed. But at me? at Lindsay? at himself? "Um I-" "Sorry, just um- Could we PLEASE not talk about her tonight?" He asked, I smiled and nodded. He opened the big doors to the high school and stepped in. "W-W-Woah." I breathed. "You like?" He asked, hitting me that oh-so-charming Irish accent again. Rose peddles. Rose peddles down the halls that seem to go on forever. Pictures of me and Niall scattered across the lockers. I used to be so scared of this place, now, well now Niall covered it with sweet memories and beautiful peddles. It's magical. "I love it, Niall. This is- just- pure perfection." I got on my tipy toes and kissed his lips, watching that red blush fall upon his cheeks. "C'mon, we gotta start the tour." I frowned. What tour? He took my hand and led me down the hallway, beautiful red rose peddles slurring at my feet. We stopped at our old Science room, he opened the door. I started to giggle. Manikins. Manikins covered in each and everyone of the class chairs, except for one. One that just so happen to be my old seat, instead, it had a bright light shining directly upon it. I smiled. "This is the place when I first saw you. I sat right behind you and I remember thinking 'Damn, if her face is as pretty as the back of her head....'" I giggled. "C'mon, there's more." He grabbed my hand. "More?" I asked. "Yes, more." He said, leading me out of the room and down the peddled hallway again. We stopped at my old Math room, god I hated math. "And this-" He opened the door for me. "Is when we had our first conversation." And the room- empty. There was a small wooden chair in the corner that was holding a radio. The lights were dim. I frowned at him. "I asked you if you knew how to dance, because I had a wedding to goto that weekend. And you said you could teach me some time." He held out his hand to me. "You better keep that promise..." He teased. I smiled, still speechless from all of this. He clicked on the radio and it just so happen to be one of his songs. I tilted my head in curiosity at him. "I- Um..." He got nervous. "I w-w-wrote this one. F-F-For you." Ooh, mr. I'm-So-Slick is getting nervous. Hmm... It's cute. I smiled up at him, proud to be his girlfriend, and grabbed his hand. His dancing skills were close to nothing, and mine were, well, decent I suppose. "You're beautiful." He said, as if it wasn't up for discussion. I kissed his lips. Mm.. They're soft. "I love you, Niall." I whispered against his lips as I some-what led him around the room. "I love you more, Ashley." He kissed me and then pulled me to his chest. Then, the lyrics started to crawl into my ear. I closed my eyes and grinned like a complete idiot. "This is wonderful, Niall." I said. "Thank you." He said, obviously proud. And as the song ended too quickly, he graced over to the radio and clicked it off. "The tour isn't over." He smirked. I laughed as he once again- took my hand and led me down the still beautifully peddled hallway. We stopped at a door. It was wooden, it was hard, cold, scary, dark, forbidden, stranded, shivering, horrifying and- and- and- . . .


I froze.


"Ashley. Ashley look at me." My eyes crept up to lock with his. His blue orbs being the only sign of safety for me. "He's not here." Niall whispered. "You're safe." He said again. "Come in with me and look." I shook my head. No way I'm going in there. "Please Ash, for me?" "Niall I-" I couldn't get the words out. "I wanna move forward." I whispered, staring at my fiddling fingers. "I know..." He said. "But no matter how hard we try, and how much we attempt to succeed, our past will always be apart of us. It's who we are, Ash. And we can chose to ignore it, or we can make it something better, something beautiful." He whispered as I stared into his deep, amazingly blue eyes. Then- He opened the door.


Stars. All I saw were stars. Twinkling in the light. Stars. Beautiful stars. The room was full of them. The stalls were gone, like magic, they all just disappeared. The sinks were gone as well, I swear it looked like a whole nother room. "Wow." I breathed. Niall -without saying a word- took my hand and led me into the center of the candle lit room. He looked into my eyes. "And this is where I learned your first secret." He whispered. "And where I knew I wanted you" He added. "And where I knew I'd stop at nothing to have you." I couldn't bare to bring a smile to my face do to the shock of his movements. He got down on one knee. "A-A-Ashley." He started with a stutter. "I wanna take everything that frightens you, and everything that scares you, and turn it into something beautiful. I wanna be yours forever and I'd like you to be mine. Wether you say yes, or no. You'll always be my first, my last, my only love. So- W-W-W-W-With that said." He's really nervous. "W-Will you m-marry me?"






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