17 Year old Ashley hasn't ever had a childhood. She spent most of it taking care of her little sister, Amelia. Before that, her and her sister were abused by her step dad when their mother died. Now that Ashley's in school, she's had a unwanted, sexual abuser. She doesn't know his name, his age, his reasons for hurting her like he has been. All she knows is if she tells anyone, or if she doesn't do exactly what he tells her too. He'd kill her. Her whole life she's only felt harm, hate and beatings from the male species, that is until Niall. No male has ever been so gentle with her. She gets caught up in what she thinks is her trying to protect and take care of her little sister that she forgets to take care of herself. Can Niall help her with all this damage she's been forced to live through? Or will she shut him out like everyone else in her life.


5. Chapter 5

Niall's POV:

"Hey Niall..." Ashley's faint voice distracted me as we walked out of the school doors. "Yea?" I asked, giving her my full attention. "Um... W-W-Would you..... Would you mind taking me home?" She stuttered. I grinned. "I'd be glad to." She smiled at my response. I grasped her hand as I watched a sigh of relief flow through her shoulders. "Thanks." She bluntly replied. I opened the car door for her as she hoped in the seat, allowing me to jog around to the driver's side. "So, how's Amelia?" I asked getting in the car. She chuckled. "Good good, she really likes you. It's strange to see her act normal around anyone else besides me." She said. "Does she ever see her friends?" I asked. Ashley sighed. "Well, she doesn't have any friends." I frowned. "That's odd, she's such a lovely girl." I stated. "I know. She's very skittish though, ever since she was little she's been shy and nervous." She explained. "Hmm..." I hummed. "She wasn't always like this though...." I gave her a questionable look. "What happen?" I asked. "Well, when she was in 4th grade, she had this friend. His name was Tod. He was a pretty big 4th grader, it was surprising. And um, well... One day she came home from school with a huge bruise on her belly, apparently Tod was beating up on some kid at the playground so Amelia told on him. Causing his anger to grow and then he- well he um-" Her eyes started to squint. I could tell just the thought of Amelia being hurt trembled shivers through her body. I took a grasped of her hand to calm her. "Sorry I asked..." I apologized. She calmed herself. "I-I-It's alright." The more I learned about this beautiful girl before me, the more I realized her reasons for her actions. Her whole life she's only seen men as immature, abusive, insensitive asses. Therefore she choses to keep herself away from the whole idea of it all, no boys, no boyfriends, nothing. All I hope is that I can change that. I just don't want her to have to struggle anymore. "We're here." She stated. I parked the car and jogged around the front of the car, helping Ashley out. She scrambled in her bag for her keys when I noticed she had left them in the seat of my car. I chuckled. "Ash..." I got her attention. She blushed. "Oh." She simply said, taking the keys from my hand and giggling them in the door. "Amelia I'm ho-" She looked around. "Amelia..." She started panicking. "Amelia??? Amelia where are you?" Her apartment wasn't very big so there wasn't many rooms to search. "Amelia?" I called out, helping Ashley find her. "Amelia? Amelia?????" I could tell her voice started to get scratchy as she began to  panic more. "Ash..." I saw a letter on the counter. She rushed over to me and snatched it out of my hand. "Shit." She said pushing past me and jogging to the car. "I need your keys." She stated. "Um. Yea sure." She snatched them from my hands. Running around to the other side of the car as she started it. "Well.... Are you coming or not?!" She said forcefully. I didn't think and just got in the car. She started speeding through traffic as she glanced at the letter once or twice. "What happen to Amelia?" I asked. She chocked. "They took her." "What? Who? Who took her?" I asked. "Social services, Niall. They took her. God dammit!" She banged on the wheel. "It'll all be fine, Ashley trust me. It'll all be fine." I tried my best to calm her. "No Niall! But what if it's not fine! What if I lose her Niall! Niall I can't- I can't lose her." She broke down. Tears poring down her face, she wiped them away. Trying to stay strong. "Ash. Trust me. When have I ever let you down?" I asked. Her shoulder's relaxed at my words as her grip on the wheel loosened. She took a deep breath. "I can't loose her." She stated again. "And you won't." I added, calming her. I knew what I was going to do to help, I knew how we could get her back.


Ash's POV:

"Ashley!!" "Amelia!!" Amelia ran to me and hugged me. "Miss Amelia, I need you to sit down." A stuck up lady pointed to the seat beside her in her office. "No!" Amelia protested "Amelia, go sit down, I'll sort everything out. I promise." I walked her to her seat and took a seat myself. As did Niall. "Now miss, is it true you both have been living alone without a parent or guardian for over nine years?" Her first question was spat at us. "Well-" "No. That's not true." Niall interrupted me. "Niall what are yo-" "Sh.." We whispered. "No? Then why did I find miss Amelia here in your apartment. Alone." "Why were you in her apartment? You certainly didn't have a key. Are you telling me that you broke in to this young lady's apartment and stole a child?" Niall swooshed the conversation around on her. "I have the right to take a child in if that child seems in danger." She spat. "With all due respect, this young lady was certainly, NOT in danger." Niall stated. "And how would you know that? You hardly know this woman." She started to get angry. "She's my cousin, miss." Niall said. "I'm sorry but you both are most definitely NOT related in any way posi-" "We're related by marriage. My parents got divorced and my she's my step mom's sister's child." Niall thought quick on his feet. "Well. If you are related. Then how come she's living on her own?" She asked. Niall became red. "How are you so certain she is?" He asked. "Why, Amelia told me." She smiled as if she had all the power in the world. Amelia glared at her. "I said no such thing!" She yelled. "I'm sorry dear, but you did. You said you lived alone with your sister." Amelia was shocked at herself. "Exactly." Niall started. "Alone in the same apartment maybe, but we live just across the street from there. The only reason they live alone is because our house is just simply too small. We visit them frequently and take care of them both. Nothing is to be worried of it. So with all due respect miss, I'd like to take my girls home now." Niall smiled. The woman was shocked. "Um.. Well even with that, I'm going to have people check up on you both frequently. No questions asked. Mr., Where is your house?" She asked. Niall scribbled on a piece of paper and took me and Amelia home. I held her in the back seat as Niall drove us back to my place. Amelia fell asleep in my arms. "Thank you Niall. Thank you so much. I mean that." He smiled. "Anytime but um- You should know you girls have to stay with me for a little while now. Otherwise they'll know you aren't really my "cousin"." He laughed. I giggled. "I can't believe you said that! That was so cheesy!" I laughed. "I couldn't think of anything else!" He stated, still chuckling. "It's okay, it was a good one. I was thinking about just grabbing Amelia and heading to Mexico." He laughed at my thought. A few awkward moments passed when we pulled into his giant mansion. "Oh. My. God." -Was all I could say.

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