17 Year old Ashley hasn't ever had a childhood. She spent most of it taking care of her little sister, Amelia. Before that, her and her sister were abused by her step dad when their mother died. Now that Ashley's in school, she's had a unwanted, sexual abuser. She doesn't know his name, his age, his reasons for hurting her like he has been. All she knows is if she tells anyone, or if she doesn't do exactly what he tells her too. He'd kill her. Her whole life she's only felt harm, hate and beatings from the male species, that is until Niall. No male has ever been so gentle with her. She gets caught up in what she thinks is her trying to protect and take care of her little sister that she forgets to take care of herself. Can Niall help her with all this damage she's been forced to live through? Or will she shut him out like everyone else in her life.


4. Chapter 4

Ash's POV:

"Amelia! Where's my backpack!" I rushed through the apartment in search of my stuff for school. "Did you check the fridge?" Amelia laughed at herself. "Amelia, I'm serious. I really need to find it." *Ding dong* The doorbell rang. "Ugh! I'm gonna be late. Again!" I ran to the door. "Mrs. Cahn I haven't seen your-" "Hi." I lifted my chin to a pair of recognizable ocean colored orbs attracted to my deep blue ones. "Hi." I whispered almost silently. "I have your bag..." He started. I glanced over at his strong, giant hands grasping the handle to my backpack. "Oh thank god. I'm gonna be late, thank you." I grabbed the bag and rushed to grab my phone. "Amelia, don't open the door for anyone. Don't answer the phone for anyone unless you know them. I have a key, call me if you need me." I kissed her head. "Kay, bye." She hugged my waist. "Be good, love you." I started to walk away. "Love you too, bye." I ran passed Niall, not caring on giving a second look back as I stumbled down the side walk. "Ashley..." Niall was already right behind me. "Yes?" I continued walking down the path to the bus stop. "Ashley let me take you to school, my car's right here." "No. I'm fine. I already owe you enough." I said. Then I stopped in my tracks. "Actually," I fiddled around in my bag and pulled out a twenty and a ten dollar bill. "Here. This is for the ride from yesterday." He looked at me like a was crazy. "Just take it please, I don't want to have to owe you any more..." I said. He stood there and refused to take it. He then sighed. "Ash, you don't owe me anything... I help because I want to. Not because I have to." He said with honesty poring from his lips. "Y-Y-Y-You want to help.... Me?" I stuttered in disbelief. "Yes silly," He chuckled. "Now please, please just let met take you to school." He begged. I sighed. "Okay..." He smiled, walking me to his car as he held the door for me. Just something so simple and little as holding a door open, mean't the world to me. I grew up knowing- thinking men would only hurt you. For all my life I've feared them, I've avoided them, I've ran from them. And now. I tend to crave on one of them. Not all. Just one.


Niall and I arrived just on time. I was surprised at his timing. We both walked together in the school as I reached for the doorknob. "I got it." Niall held the door for me. I thanked him with a nod and a smile. He winked, making me tremble. On our way to our first class together, we came upon the hallway I once feared. I stopped in my tracks. Once Niall realized I had stopped walking beside him, he turned to face me. "Ash... What's wrong?" He asked. I stayed silent. Niall slowly walked over to me, placing his hand on my shoulder. He slowly came up to my cheek and pressed his lips lightly on my cheek. "I'm determined to keep you safe... Just let me..." He whispered. Those words really touched me. It scared me, but at the same time, satisfied me. Everything about Niall confused me, yet let me see everything differently. My shaky hand tangled within his as I grasped his giant hand tightly. Scared out of my mind, I heard a deep, ugly, husky, frightening voice tremble over my ears. "Niall." I squinted my eyes shut and squeezed his hand. "Shhh... Ashley, It's just Mr. Kenny." I opened my eyes to the focus of a wall. I made it through. I made it through that hallway without feeling disgusting and used. I was fine. I was just.... Fine. "See, I told you." He smiled, I grinned. "Thank you." I said, lightly pressing my lips against his cheek, causing a light pink shade to appear on both of his cheeks, I giggled. In my whole entire life, I don't think I've ever 'giggled' before. "You're cute when you do that." I blurted out without even thinking. He raised one eyebrow at me. "Well, thanks..." He laughed, rubbing the back of his neck with his palm. It seemed as if he's never had anyone tell him that before, let alone a girl. Being with him was something new. It was different, but good. "You're cute when you giggle." He blurted out. I blushed. "Thank you..." I laughed again. Then something started to tingle in my stomach, I didn't know what it was, I didn't know if it was good or bad, I didn't know if it was a sickness or what. All I knew is that it only came around with Niall. Only Niall made these butterflies in my stomach appear. It was... Interesting.

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