17 Year old Ashley hasn't ever had a childhood. She spent most of it taking care of her little sister, Amelia. Before that, her and her sister were abused by her step dad when their mother died. Now that Ashley's in school, she's had a unwanted, sexual abuser. She doesn't know his name, his age, his reasons for hurting her like he has been. All she knows is if she tells anyone, or if she doesn't do exactly what he tells her too. He'd kill her. Her whole life she's only felt harm, hate and beatings from the male species, that is until Niall. No male has ever been so gentle with her. She gets caught up in what she thinks is her trying to protect and take care of her little sister that she forgets to take care of herself. Can Niall help her with all this damage she's been forced to live through? Or will she shut him out like everyone else in her life.


27. Chapter 27

Jackson's POV:

She fell asleep in my arms. Perfectly in my arms. I felt my heart in my throat and my head in my stomach. My pulse was threw the roof. This can't be healthy. What do I do? God, her skin's so perfect. It's so pale and beautiful, I wanna touch it. Maybe I could just brush my fingertips against her arm. That's not weird, right? I just want to feel it, It looks so smooth. Damn, her hair smells good. I picked up my arm that was once resting on her shirt covered shoulder and that was now making it's way to her bare arm. I picked up my hand and slowly graced my fingers across the surface of her soft skin. I continued to rub her arm for a little while longer, her skin was just so soft and warm. "Amelia, you awake?" I asked, hearing her mumble in her sleep. "Jackson..." She murmured. "Yes?" I said, assuming she was beginning to wake up. "Jackson....." She whispered again. I frowned. "Jackson...." She slithered her hand up my chest and toward my neck as my face turned bright, hot, extremely embarrassing red. "W-w-wha?" I stuttered. "Amelia wake up." I lightly shook her. I had to wake her up. Something in me made me go into panic mode as she startled awake. "Hm? J-J-Jackson?" She was now awake. Few. "Amelia, 'you okay? Y-Y-You were um, you were talking in your sleep." I said as she continued to lay in my arms. "I was?" She murmured, still half asleep. She began to shift herself upward and then facing me. She just woke up and she couldn't have been more beautiful. She smiled at me, I got lost in her eyes while she got dragged to my lips. She couldn't keep her eyes off them. Something about it made my heart race again, I panicked. "*Cough* Um... 'You hungry?" I said, standing to my feet as I tried to avoid the subject. "No, wait...." She stood to her feet, still staring at my lips. "I um-" "Shh..." She said. My heart began to pound even faster as she brought her fingertips up to my lips, she graced my bottom lip slightly with her index finger. I tried my hardest not to let my hand slip toward the back of her neck as all I wanted to do was just to crash into her lips, I tried but clearly not hard enough. Scaring the bejesus out of her, I leaned forward quickly as I shifted her waist toward mine. She started kissing me back, I could tell she was nervous at first but then she started wrapping her arms around me. I smiled against her lips. Realization hit me as I remembered that Niall and Ashley were still in the house, I backed away. She frowned. "What is it?" "Oh, um, nothing." "Did I do it wrong? Was I bad? Is it-" "No, no, no Amelia! You were um- *Cough* You were fine, its just- I forgot Niall and Ashley were still here." I said. She looked at the ground. "Oh, r-r-right." Dammit she's a good kisser. I could kiss her for hours. Man I wish I could kiss her again. I wonder if she liked kissing me? Hm. P-P-Probably not. "Jackson?" Amelia snapped my out of my own thoughts. "Hm?" "I said; Do you wanna go over to your house instead?" I choked. Swallowing and moving on, I nodded my head.


"I'll pick you up at 8:00, Amelia!" Ashley hollered from the car as she dropped Amelia and me off at my house. "Okay!" She yelled back. "So what do you wanna do?" I asked her. "I don't know...?" She smiled up at me. We didn't even think about what we wanted to do, one of the many things I loved about Amelia. She was so laid back, so 'go-with-the-flow'. It was nice. I walked her up the stairs and up to my room. She hadn't even seen my room yet, I wonder what she'll think? "Woah." She whispered, I tried reading her expression. "Y-You like it?" I asked. "Jackson this is-"


Amelia's POV:

"Jackson this is-" It was amazing. His drawings were plastered all over the room, paintings hung from the ceiling, artwork everywhere I looked. Beautiful artwork at that. There were drawings of oceans, towers, cities and flowers. But one in particular photo caught my eye. "This one looks familiar..." I nearly whispered to myself. "It should." Jackson said. I walked closer to it and studied it more. "Those are those mountains, aren't they? The ones up that dirt road?" I asked him, he smiled. "Yep, you got good memory, A." -There it is again... A? He keeps calling me that. Why though? "Why do you call me A, Jackson?" I asked. He frowned. "It is your name, isn't it?" "Well yes, it's just, Niall's the only one who's ever called me that before." I said. "Oh... Well I mean I can call you whatever you'd like-" "No no, it's fine I just-" "No, I didn't-" We both stumbled over our own words. I laughed awkwardly and continued to search around his room. "I'm gonna go get some tea, you want anything?" He asked me. "No, I'm alright, thanks." I smiled. He nodded. "Okay Dokey." He scuffled out the room. I kept gazing around his room, admiring all the fancy shmancy artwork that Jackson had created. 'What's that?' -I thought as I noticed some papers sticking out of an open drawer by Jackson's desk. I reached over and grabbed them thinking- 'Why wouldn't he put these ones up?' "Woah." I breathed. There were at least 10, maybe 15 different drawings of me. Of me? W-Why m-me? I stared at the multiple pictures. Some close up, some far away, some facing frontward, some from the side. He was truly an amazing artist. But, how did he capture my features so well? It was like I was looking into a mirror, well, a mirror that makes you more beautiful maybe. Footsteps. I heard footsteps. "Shoot." I murmured, moving quickly, I shoved the papers back into the drawer and walked away from the desk. "Amelia?" Jackson said, coming back with no food nor drink, but a phone. "Yea?" I asked. "I-It's Niall." He shivered. I frowned. "W-What's wrong?" I stuttered. "I-It's um, I-It's about- uh... I think you should talk to him." I got nervous. Shakily reaching for the phone, I took if from Jackson and began to talk. "N-Niall?" I mumbled. "Amelia! Oh thank god you're safe. You both need to come home, w-we need to talk. Both you and Jackson. N-Now." Okay. I'm officially scared. "O-Oka-Okay..." I stuttered. "Calm down please, Amelia. Just take a breath and ask Jackson to walk you home. Please just- breathe" I breathed. "A-Alright. I'm good. W-We're coming, Niall." "Alright babe, thanks." We hung up. "Walk me home?" I asked Jackson. "Course, A...."

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