17 Year old Ashley hasn't ever had a childhood. She spent most of it taking care of her little sister, Amelia. Before that, her and her sister were abused by her step dad when their mother died. Now that Ashley's in school, she's had a unwanted, sexual abuser. She doesn't know his name, his age, his reasons for hurting her like he has been. All she knows is if she tells anyone, or if she doesn't do exactly what he tells her too. He'd kill her. Her whole life she's only felt harm, hate and beatings from the male species, that is until Niall. No male has ever been so gentle with her. She gets caught up in what she thinks is her trying to protect and take care of her little sister that she forgets to take care of herself. Can Niall help her with all this damage she's been forced to live through? Or will she shut him out like everyone else in her life.


26. Chapter 26

  Amelia's POV:

"It's okay Ash, I understand..." I whispered as me and Ashley sat there talking for what felt like hours about what had happen that night. I understood where she was coming from as she apologized dearly. I couldn't stay mad at her, she was just looking out for me. She told me that she didn't know Jackson and she thought that there might be a chance that he would hurt me, just like how Connor would hurt her, and she didn't want that for me. I forgave her and she apologized, we were all good now. Thank god -I thought. "I love you." She smiled and hugged me tight, I hugged her back. "I love you too, Ash." She squeezed my even harder. *Knock knock* Niall knocked on the door, shirtless, clean. Seems as if someone just took a shower. I look over at Ashley, waiting for her blush as that natural, bright pink shade is smeared onto her face. "Typical..." I chuckle to myself. Niall laughs at me. "Shut up...." Ashley murmurs, Niall smirks. "C'mon girls, it's late, and I'm tired... A-And cold..." He shivered. Ashley gave my hand a quick squeeze and headed toward Niall, giving him a light hug before disappearing into the darkness of the hallway. I hugged myself as that beautiful stunning image of Jackson's eyes peered in the back of my mind. I fell back onto my bed, dreaming of those deep brown eyes throughout the whole night.


"Amelia... Amelia, darling wake up.... Someone's here for you." Niall's voice mumbled in my ear. "Did someone die?" I growled. He laughed. "No, but I guess I'll let you sleep..... I'll just tell JACKSON that you're too busy sleeping to come to the doo-" "I'm up! I'm up!" I rushed out of bed. "Thought so." He laughed at me. I ran to the bathroom and starting running the water. I slipped off my clothes quickly and rushed into the shower. Suddenly, everything went in slow motion as the hot water ran down my body. I could stay under this water forever. -I thought. All my rushing, all my worrying, gone. In the blink of an eye. "Amelia!!" Someone hollered for me. I grunted. "Coming!!" I yelled, grabbing a towel and again; rushing out of the room. I searched desperately for something that was half-way decent. Succeeding in that; I rushed down the stairs, nearly tripping on my way there, as I saw the stunning figure before me. White tee, dark blue skinny jeans, messy hair, and his favorite pair of Nike's. I giggled. "Hi," Jackson greeted me with a warm smile. I blushed. Hard. Harder than I should've. "*Cough* H-Hi." I stuttered stupidly. "It's a beautiful day." He said, looking up at the sky as his hands stayed firmly in his pockets. I looked outside. "Sure is." I smiled, I turned my vision back toward his and noticed his deep brown eyes peering down at me. I flushed. "Feel like talking a walk, A?" A? That's what Niall calls me. Hm. Interesting. Disposing of that thought, I immediately agreed to his offer and rushed upstairs to grab my shoes. It didn't take too long for Jackson to spark up a conversation as we made our way down the concrete sidewalk. "You look nice today." He said softly, eyes facing straight, smirk on lips, hands in pockets. "T-Thank you." I smiled at myself, staring at the ground as I tried hiding my rosy red cheeks. He chuckled. "What do you wanna do today?" He asked me. I looked up at him. "I don't know, what do you wanna do?" I asked, he finally met my eye line. "Whatever you want to." I smiled politely at him. "We could head to the park, or go back home, or- OH! We could watch some old 80's movies?!" I said, getting super excited at the thought. He laughed at me. "Is that what you wanna do?" He asked me. "Yea! I mean- Sure, yea, whatever." I hid my excitement. C'mon Amelia, stop being an idiot. -I thought. "You're cute." He said, damn I love his complements. I don't think he's ever gone a good 30 minutes without making me blush in some way. We kept walking until we reached a dead end. We then both agreed to turn around and make our way back home. Half of a walk, stay cool for half of a walk Amelia. "Did I ever tell you how much I like your shoes?" I asked. He smiled at me. "Really?" He asked, looking down at his feet like- 'What's so special about them?' "Yea, they're so... You." I giggled. We laughed. "Heh, well thanks." He smiled brightly and lightly. He was always just so charming all of the time. How does he do that? Once we reached the house we both got comfortable on the couch together. All I wanted to do was snuggle up against his lovely scented chest and wrapped my arms around his waist. But I can't. And that sucks. So I'll just sit there, like I have been, and act like I'm completely normal and fine and- Ugh. Damn him and his power over me. God, I'm turning into Ashley! Once 'Pretty In Pink' started I began to feel the need to close my eyes. If Jackson would've came a little later I would've gotten more sleep and wouldn't have felt the need to take a cat nap now. Without hesitation, thinking, or saying a word, I snuggled up underneath Jackson's arm and fell asleep against his sweet, irresistible warmth.




I could stay here forever...

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