Fallen angel. <3

A Justin bieber love story.


1. Chapter 1.<3

Nat p.o.v.
I was there. I was stood while the world past me by. But all I could do was stand still.
I couldn't believe what I was seeing I felt a sharp pain in my heart as I saw my
Boyfriend kissing my best friend.
"I'll never hurt you" he said lies.
"I'm not like the rest" he lied.
I felt my eyes begin to fill with tears.
One by one escaping my eyes falling down my cheeks.
Is it weird that I knew this would happen.

I mean im nothing special.
I don't matter.

My thoughts was interrupted as my feet carriedr home as soon as I could go
Running up the stairs sliding down the back of the door with my
Knees against mu chest.
I walked over to my bed collapsing onto it burying mu head into mu pillow and falling asleep.
I woke up to the sound of my alarm I stretched out my Arms taking the warm douvet away
From my body walking to the bathroom staring at myself in the mirror
At the red circles which formed around my eyes from the crying
Switching on the cold tap and then the warm while they mixed with each other
To make a warm temperature I pushed the warm water onto mu skin as
It fell through the gaps in between my hands grabbing the Colgate
Toothpaste moving it in a circular motion until my teeth was brushed.
I left the bathroom walking back to my bedroom sitting in front of my mirror and beginning
To apply mu make up routine
Foundation first
Then mascara
I won't let this get me down it's my first day at mu new school today I smiled at myself
Before walking to the rail which holds my clothes
Scanning through the different outfits I came across
A pair of black skinny Jeans a Pair of purple coverse and a
Purple tshirt. Looking at the time on mu phone I grabbed my headphones and backpack
And made my way walking tO my new school after a short while I arrived taking a deep
Breathe walking into the school all eyes was on me.
My eyes scanned the hall matching with a cute teenage boy with
Dirty blonde hair and brown eyes. Surprisingly he was staring back at me causing me to blush.
All of a sudden i fell to my knees I looked up to see I guess the popular girl
Her:listen! Stay away from Justin! He's mine
Nat:I say there in shock as my eyes stared up at her
A grin fell on her face "look girls we got a wuss over here".
They all started laughin.
It took everything for me not to cry I took a breathe as she walked away I sat there I looked up
With someone holding out a hand
Him:hey are you okay?? He said really caring
I replied "um yeah I guess" it was him the guy who my eyes matched with
He held out his hand as mine fit in helping me up
"I'm Justin" he announced
Oh I replied um I better go
Justin:wait where are you going?
"I'm not allowed to talk to you" I said as I made my way trough the crowd
Staring bak at Justin he stood there and looked really upset.
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