Briana finds herselt with Justin. But then Harry pregnant.


3. The other guy


Justin: Dont call me that! You lied! Justin: What? Me: Look! I pulled out my phone and showed him a picture. Justin: Oh her! I d- Me: I dont care! Bye. I walked outside crying. Justin came after me. I kept running. I kept running into the city of New York. I bumped into someone. It was Harry Styles from One Direction. Harry: Are you okay love? Me: No. Harry: Come with me to my flat and we can talk about it. Justin: Wait!! Harry: Whos he? Me: No one. Just c'mon. We hoped inside his car and drove off. Harry: What are you doing at 2:30 am? Me: Its a long story. Harry: Tell me about it. Me: Okay so I was at a Justin Bieber concert and some how his microphone hit me in the head. I woke up and Justin was asking if I was okay. Then we went to his house and he left. So I saw a picture of him with another girl. Harry: Wow. Me: Yeah. I know. Harry: I'm sorry. Me: Noo its okay. Harry: Well you can stay at my place. Me: Really... but I have no clothes. Harry: We can go shopping tomorrow. Me: Wow, really? Harry: Yeah(: Me: Thanks! Finally me and Harry reached his place and we went inside. Me: Wow! Nice place. Harry: Thanks. Here you go you can wear my t-shirt as a pajama till we go out. Me: Thanks! So I went to the bathroom to change. Harry: I got popcorn! We can watch movies if you want. Me: Yay! Harry's POV: She came out and sat by me on the couch. I was falling for her. We both sat there watching a movie. 30 minutes in the movie she fell asleep on my chest. I started to doze off. Before I knew it I was awake. She was still lying on my chest. My phone started to ring. Briana's POV: Harry's phone rang. "Hello?" I head Harry say. "Uhh... I guess." I dont know what they were talking about but I was worried. I opened my eyes. Harry: Oo your wake. Me: Aha yeah. Harry: Want to make breakfast with me? Me: Yes! Beat you there! Harry: Its on!! Me and Harry raced to the kitchen. I pretended to fall and cry. Harry: Aw I'm sorry love! Harry was on top of me. This one moment. I pulled him down and kissed him. This moment was nice. Harry's POV: She had kissed me. <3 I loved it so much. I pulled away. Then we both got up and walked to the kitchen in silence. Me: Erm... are you going to talk to Justin. Briana: Um maybe. Me: Mmm okay. 30 minutes later we finished breakfast. We had 30 pancakes, a lot of eggs, 30 things of bacon, 20 pieces of toast, 30 waffles, and a bucket of fruit. "Knock knock!" Me: I got it. 4 boys entered my house. Louis, Liam, Niall, and Zayn. Niall" I SMELL FOOD! Off to the kitchen! Niall ran quickly to the kitchen. Niall: Wait! Who is this lovely girl you have here!! Me: Uh thats my friend!! Niall: Yeah right!! Me: -_-!! The other 3 lads ran off to the kitchen. Me: Guys this is Briana. Zayn: Oh...Justin's ex gf? Briana: Wait ex? Zayn: Yeah. Look at this interview.  Briana's POV: Zayn took out his phone and showed me an interview Justin did.          


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