Briana finds herselt with Justin. But then Harry pregnant.


2. Meeting Him


My eyes opened and I was lying down. Where am I? I thought. Justin: Do you feel okay. Me: What? Justin: Well I was performing and my microphone flung out of my hand and hit you in the head. Me: Justin: Do you remember your name? Me: No. Justin: Oh God, I'm so sorry. Me: I'm just kidding. My name is Briana and I come from Arizona. Justin: Don't joke with me like that! JK! Well do you have a phone? Me: Yeah. Why? Justin: Well I was hoping I could get your number...Your pretty cute... Me: Oh well of course... my number is... Justin: Okay thanks babe. Well my concerts over and I have 5 hours till my interview. Would you like to go get some coffee with me? Me: Yeah. Justin: Okay lets go. Me: Okay. Justin grabbed my hand and took me to his car. I wanted to faint. What if my mum worries about me. Who cares. I'm with Justin Bieber. Justin drove us to starbucks. Justin's POV: Sitting here looking at Briana. Her brown long straight hair. Her perfect face. I was in love. Even though I had just got in fight with Selena and we broke up. I completly forgot about her. I think I'm in love. Briana: So hows life as a celebrity? Me: Ugh, stressful. Briana: Oh. Um sorry about that. Me: It's okay. Were here. Briana: Yay... Me: Whats wrong? Briana: Nothing really. Just trying to be calm. Me: Why? Briana: Cause' your Justin Bieber! Me: Oh. Yeah. Just act normal around me. I dont know why she was trying to be calm. I mean I known I'm Justin Bieber but still. I parked in the Starbucks parking lot and got out. I went to Briana's side to open her door. I took her hand and smiled. I loved her even though I hit her in the head. I wonder if she likes me. Briana's POV: I wonder if he likes me? I wasn't in love with Justin Bieber I'm in love with Justin. But I know he doesn't like me because he's with Selena. His hand fit in mine. I felt sparks. I really like him. We walked into Starbucks. I hope no one  recognized him. I was shaking.I dont know why. Justin: What do you want? Me: Um a salted  Carmel mocha please. Let me pay though. Justin: Ah no! I'm Justin Bieber! Me: But- Justin: No buts! Me: Fine I let go of Justin's hand and sat down at one of the tables. Five minutes later Justin came with the coffee. Justin: Here you go! Me: Thanks(: I saw Justin pull out his phone. Justin: Oh no... Me: Whats wrong? Justin: Me and you are already trending on twitter. See! Justin showed me a picture of us holding hands walking to his car.  I pulled out my phone. I had several mentions. How did they know my twitter name? I read some of the  mentions. @#1belieber: Back off! Justin is mine. I will kill you. The only thing I didn't like was this. Justin: Whats wrong? Me: People are mean... He rushed to where I was sitting and put his arm aroung me. Justin: Who cares what they think. If they cant accept us together than let them deal with it. I couldn't believr he just said us together. Just the idea. Random fan: Oh my God! It's Justin Bieber! Justin took my hand quickly and ran out to his car. I quickly put my hood on and buckled. Fans started to run towards his car. Justin: Sorry about this. Me: It's okay. Now I know what its like to be you. Justin: Oh...okay. Justin drove off quickly to his place. Justin: Well I guess we can hang out at my house. So much for coffee. Me: Yeah. Justin then opened his frony door and let me in. Me: What a nice place. Justin: Yeah. Well I'm gonna get some snacks. Just go through that door right there, and I'll meet you there. Me: Okay... I went through through the door and entered. It was a recording studio. I went into the recording booth. I had to try it. I put on the headphones on and strted to sing As Long As You Love Me. Justin's POV: I had just got the snacks. When I walked through the door, I head someone singing. She had an amazing voice. I walked in. Me: You have a great voice. Briana: Oh erm thanks. Sorry. Me: For what? Briana: Nevermind. I could tell she was embarassed. Briana: So lets hear you play! Me: Okay what song? Wait nevermind. I got one. I started to sing Boyfriend. 3 minutes passed. Briana: Your good. Me: Thanks. I went and sat by her. I was getting nervous. Should I make a move? I did. I leaned in and kissed her. Briana's POV: He kissed me. I couldn't believer it. I'm kissing Justin Bieber! He pulled away. Justin: Sorry about that. Me: No its okay. I didn't mind. Justin: Oh. Can I tell you something. Me: Yeah anything. Justin: Okay...I really like you. Me: I really like you...not cause your Justin Bieber though. Justin: Well...Do you want to go out? Me: Of course! I could not belive Justin asked me out! My phone started to ring. It was my mum. I didn't answer it. Right away she sent me a text. From mum: Where are you?! To mum: Don't worry, I'm with Justin at his house. From mum: Yeah right! To mum: See! I took a picture of Justin and me. From mum: Well then. Come home whenever. I didn't text her back. Justin: Well I have an interview in an hour. So I got to go. Me: Oh okay. Justin: You can stay here babe. Me: Really! Thanks! I guess my mum kicked me out of her house. Justin: You can stay with me! Me: Aw thanks! Justin: Hah yeah come with me! Justin grabbed my hand and took me upstairs. Justin: Here is you room! Me: Oh my God! Thanks! Justin: Enjoy it! Me: I will! Thanks so much! I hugged him tightly. Justin: Sorry babe! Well I have to go! My body guard is waiting for me outside. I love you. Me: I love you to. Bye. Justin left. I couldn't believe he said love you. I feel like I am dreaming. Justin Bieber. Now I was alone. I heard a knocking noise on the door. I ran downstairs and looked through the peep-hole. It was Selena. I ran upstairs quickly. I heard her open the door. How did she get in? I ran in some room. It was Justin's. Selena: Hello! Justin! Ugh! Whatever! Bye! After five minutes she left. Finally. I quickly ran to my room. I had to turn to turn on the flat screen tv. Thats right. Justin is doing an interview. I turned to the channel he was going to be on. Interviewer: Justin Bieber! Hello! Justin: Hey! Interviewer: Before we start are you single? My stomach turned. Justin: Actually no. Interviewer: Who is it? Justin: Her name is Briana. I love her. Shes beautiful. Interviewer: Wow! An hour later the interview ended. I couldn't help but smile. Finally Justin came home. It was 7 pm. I was exhasted. Justin: Babe? Me: Yeah. I heard him run upstairs. I was lying down watching tv. Justin: How are you? Me: Tired. Justin: Oh go to bed. Me: Agh fine. Justin: Me: I dont know but goodnight. Justin: Good night. I love you. Me: I love you to. Justin: Well I'm going out. Bye. To me Justin was kinda rude. Two hours passed and it was 2 am. I was tired but couldn't sleep. I decided to check twitter. While I was looking through my mentions there was a picture of Justin with another girl. They were took at a club. I couldn't believe it. I had to leave. Justin cheated. I grabbed my phone and headed down stairs. As soon as I reached the door Justin came in.


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