Briana finds herselt with Justin. But then Harry pregnant.


1. Concert


Today was the day, the day I get to see Justin Bieber. I'm a fan of Justin but not a huge one. I'm in the car driving. I cant wait. As my mum drove me I could see the line of cars lined up outside the Pepsi Center. I was so excited. My mum parked and I hurried and got out of the car fastly as I could. I had my phone, my tickets, and camera. I left my mum. Whats the big deal. I'm 17. I'm not a baby. I kept walking. Finally the man scanned my ticket and let me inside. I was in the front row. I stood there. Thirty minutes passed and the stadium  was filled. At last Justin came out. Justin: Are you guys ready?! Screaming girls: Woooooo! 1 hour passed. I was in love starring as Justin on stage. Soon enough the concert was almost over. Justin was going crazy and last thing I remembered was being hit in the head. With Justin's microphone. Last thing I saw was Justin jumping off stage toward me.  


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