Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


12. We should all be together!

Kendra's POV: Well the boys have been coming over often to see Brooklyn and Erin. The boys have had a liking for us girls which I am totally fine with. I feel bad for Liam though. I don't know if he has a girl friend or not. I want to ask but I don't want to hurt his feelings. I hear the boys better go see this! I walk into the living room and see Erin, Brooklyn, Ashley, all the boys, And a girl that I don't know... I walk in and with the lack of seats I sat on Harry's lap which was very comfortable. We sat there talking and laughing but I had to figure out who that damn girl was!!! So I just blurt out "Uhm not to be rude but who the heck are you!?!?!" I say in a laugh like tone trying to be as nice as I can. She looks at Liam then at me and smiles. "I'm Tori" she says. She sounds American so she must have moved here like we did. I then asked "how you know us and the boys?" she went over to Liam and sat on his lap kissing his cheek she then said "I'm Liam's girl friend. Hasn't he told you about me yet?" I say "No I didn't know if Liam had a girl or not. But its nice to meet you!" I smile at her. She smiles back and I can tell Liam is happy. We sit there and I just cuddle up with Harry and he holds my hand. He keeps tickling me though! I finally turned around and started kissing him and that's when he stopped. Then I quickly pulled away when he tried to make it last longer and I went running trying to play with him.

Ashley's POV: We had all just met Tori and I thought she was a sweet girl and just right for Liam. I look at everyone and I say "this little house is getting crowded with all us people here." Everyone laughed and then Zayn put his arms round my waist and said "I just got a great idea! What if we buy a big house where we can all 10 live! Then while me and the boys are away on tour or doing concerts the girls wont get lonely!" Everyone nodded and everyone said "great idea, sounds awesome!" I looked at Zayn and said "So we gonna go find a house or what!?" We all got our jackets and shoes and headed for the cars we all loaded into the van so we could all ride together. Zayn let me drive!!! I was happy but I could tell Erin and Brooklyn and Kendra were scared because well lets just say i've crashed a few four wheelers and golf carts with them back home... We went off searching for a new house and found a perfect one! It was huge it had 7 rooms, a bathroom in each, a pool out back, a big living room, a 3 car garage, and a big kitchen too!! Perfect for Harry to cook in. We all went through the house looking around. When we all meet up we were saying what our thoughts were on it and then we officially decided to buy it and us all live there!

Tori's POV: I couldn't believe I was going to get to move in with my boy friend and all of his friends!! This was going to be great because now I can make better friends with the girls and spend more time with Liam before they leave for their tour in a couple months. I didn't want him to leave but at least he wasn't leaving yet.


Niall's POV: Today we are all moving into a big house so we can spend more time together and also because we needed to be closer. I agreed I needed to be around Erin more. I was totally falling for her. She was perfect for me. With my shorter height than all the other boys when I meet Erin thank God she was shorter than me. I had trouble finding me a perfect girl like her. Her hazel eyes were just so beautiful and her brown hair accented her so good. She had to be mine she just had to. I decided when we were moving in that I would ask her to be me girl friend. I was hoping she would say yes. If she didn't I would be crushed. We pulled into the drive way of our new home. Here it goes!

Erin's POV: I was putting up my bed and all in my new room when Niall walked in. "hey what's up?" I ask him. "nothing much just had a question for ya" He said in that cute Irish accent of his. "What's the question?" I ask. He walks towards me and grabs my hand he says "Erin I think you are beautiful and well I really like you, so I was wondering if well you would like to be me girl friend?" I stood there frozen by the words. I never thought this amazing day would come. But it did. I looked him straight in his eyes and said "yes!!!! Niall this is great I have loved you since I was young and you were first discovered and now I can loved you more!" He hugged me wrapping his arms around my waist. I got to my tippy toes and kissed his cheek. Well actually when I was going for his cheek he moved and put our lips together which I didn't mind it was a smooth move and it was great.

Brooklyn's POV: Well we are moving in and I had finished and so had Louis so we were working on the other rooms while everybody else worked on their own. Me and Louis put the couch down in the living room and finally got the last piece of furniture in there!! I was exhausted. I sat down on the couch and Louis sat beside me. We just sat there no words just a really long silence. Then Louis scooted a little closer and I looked up at him and with that look to him he pushed our lips together. We weren't even dating! But I didn't mind it cause he was quite a good kisser. I wasn't expecting this and us not even dating. When he pulled away I said "Why did you stop I was having fun there!?" he laughed and said he "I cant keep kissing a girl as pretty as you knowing your not mine. Ill get too in love so soon. So will you be mine?" I look at him and say "off course I will but you gotta give me another one of those dammnnn good kisses!" With that he smiled and leaned in for another kiss we sat there enjoying sucking each others faces till everybody came downstairs with that we started all talking. I found out that Niall and Erin were dating. Then me and Louis told everyone the good news bout us. Now everyone had a date which ment sharing rooms now. So I guess we will have two extra rooms. With the night getting later we all went to bed. I fell asleep in Louis' sweet and cuddly arms. He was the best guy ever and I loved him cuddling with me it made me feel safe and warm. With that it was Good Night.

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