Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


22. Valentines All Alone.

Ashley's POV: Well we were all here at the house. Well all us girls at least. The boys were still on tour. I miss Zayn so much especially right now on valentines day! I wish Paul could have let the boys come home today. Its just one day home for their girl friends. One day out of the whole tour. Its like come on Paul! I had just woke up and I went to the kitchen to find the rest of the girls. They weren't there. That was strange. I screamed "Where are you cunts at!!" I heard foot steps coming down the stairs and they bursted through the door laughing. "What's so funny?" I asked. "You said cunts" Erin said giggling. "Grow up you cunt!" I screamed at her. We all got together and made some bacon and pancakes. I made the pancakes with Erin while Kendra and Tori made bacon. Brooklyn was laying in the floor. She fell asleep again. She is not a morning person. Erin went and sat on Brooklyn then she started rocking back and forth. "STOP HUMPING ME YOUR SICK ANIMAL!!!" Brooklyn screamed crawling out from under Erin. They both got up and we were all laughing. Since it was valentines day I made heart shaped pancakes. Hey since the boys weren't here someone had to treat the girls special. We set the table and all sat down to eat. This is how our morning have been lately. These past few nights we have been ok but we miss having our cuddle buddies. This has probably been the hardest day since the boys left. I was engaged and pregnant and yet alone on valentines day. That's just sad.

Zayn's POV: Well me and the boys had just got off the plane. We have traveled non-stop ever since we left the girls. Paul took away all our phones, lap tops, ipods, anything we could call electricity that way we would sleep at night. I haven't talked to Ashley in a whole month. I wanted to Skype her and see how she was doing, how the baby was doing, and all. I've missed her so much. We are in Ireland today, tomorrow and the next day. We are staying at Niall's. We are relaxing today and tomorrow then the next day we have a  concert here in Ireland. Then we leave for Australia. I was thinking of any possible way to see Ashley. I missed her so much. I wanted to know how the doctor appointment went. How our baby was doing. I had so much to catch up on. I cant wait to be home and with her. When we have our child I am thinking of retiring. I know im young but I cant spend almost the whole year away from me kid. That wouldn't be the right way to do things. If I stayed we would have to make an arrangement for maybe on 4 months a year I would be gone. That's it. I could do photo shoots close to home. Then ill be with my wife and baby. It sounds perfect to me. Well we got to Niall's house and we all just sat around. Alone on valentines day. I felt so bad for the girls. They probably felt bad being alone too. Holy shit i've got it! Its only 11:00 in the morning if we get a flight now we can make it back to London to see the girls before valentines is over! "Guys I have a great idea!" I said running and jumping on the couch. "What is it" Harry said all grumpy. "We can go see the girls today! We can catch a quick flight. No packing cause we have stuff there and we can fly back here tomorrow and rest for the concert Thursday!" I said now screaming with joy! "Brilliant boy you are! Lets go! Bye mum!" Niall screamed grabbing his keys and putting his shoes on. We all ran out the door and to the car. We were hoping we could catch a flight to London and it land today. The girls will be so surprise.

Tori's POV: I was getting tired of the telly. It is so boring without the boys here. "Im gonna go outside you guys want to join?" I asked walking towards the back door. "Sure" they all said. Brooklyn and Kendra helped Ashley up. Her belly is showing a bit. Poor girl. She has had morning sickness a lot lately. Its hard to deal with without Zayn. But she has us. I opened the back door and saw Luke outside standing inside a heart made of rose pedals spread on the lawn. "Who the hell is this?" Erin asked walking outside. "Hell if I know" Ashley said. Then Luke spoke up. "I'm here to see Tori I met her in Australia" He smiled. Oh shit. "Luke you shouldn't be here. I don't like you that way im in love with Liam!" I screamed at him. He ran up to the porch. "Please just valentines together I know Liam is away." Just then the door behind us opened and all the boys came running out yelling "Surprise!!!" Oh great this is the worst day ever. Liam came up and hugged me then he saw Luke in front of me down on his knees. "What the hell are you doing here Luke?" Liam said stepping between me and Luke. "I was here to see Tori. I like her and I want to date her. I don't see why she's with such a prick like you" Luke said standing up. "She is mine and she doesn't like you back! Stay away from my girl friend you stupid son of a bitch!" Liam screamed at him. "Well did your girlfriend tell you she kissed me when you guys came to Australia!" Luke screamed. I wanted to die after he said those words. Damn it. "Liam its not true I swear he kissed me! Liam I love you not him Liam please don't believe him!" I said. Liam just let go of my hand and walked back inside. "Damn it Luke! What the hell is wrong with you! I don't like you at all! I love Liam and I will never love you. This is so stupid! You could ruin my relationship telling a damn lie like that!" I said screaming at Luke. Harry came and pushed Luke back down the stairs of the porch. "Beat it jack ass. And don't ever come back" Harry said. He grabbed Kendra's hand and walked her inside. I followed them and I ran upstairs looking for Liam. I opened the door of my room to find Liam sitting on the bed crying. Damn! "Liam its not true I swear! He kissed me. I love you Liam and I would never hurt you like that I swear!" He looked up at me his face and eyes red from crying. " Why didn't you tell me Tori. Why did I have to hear about it from that jack ass!" He screamed and he started to cry again. I walked over and sat next to him "Babe I didn't want to hurt you. I thought it would just stay hidden. I didn't think he would come here and do that. Liam I love you and only you baby" I said starting to tear up too. "I'm sorry for yelling at you babe. I just got mad. I don't want any other guy touching you. I want you to be mine and only mine." He said wiping tears off his cheeks. "I love you" I said then I kissed him. "I love you too" He said. We walked back downstairs into the kitchen. No one was there. Ashley and Zayn were in the living room. "Where is everyone else?" I asked. Ashley and Zayn laughed "They are upstairs being romantic on valentines day" Me and Liam laughed. "We kinda cant" Ashley said pointing to her belly. "Im sorry but hey it will be worth it here in 8 more months." We all laughed. I grabbed Liam's hand and walked him to the stairs. "What are we doing?" He asked. "We are going to the room to enjoy valentines day" I said smiling. Into my room we went and under the covers we go. That's how it went. All good.

Brooklyn's POV: Well me and Louis weren't having sex like the others might be. Im against sex before marriage and Louis knows. We layed in my bed all cuddled up. "Ive missed my cuddle buddy" I said. "Ive missed mine too" He said laughing. He kissed me and that went on for a while. So that's how my romance was going.

Kendra's POV: I'll talk to you later i'm enjoying a bit of pleasure at the moment with my soon to be husband. I'm not going to get into detail though so ya bye.

Erin's POV: Me and Niall got in my room, and the first thing we did was run to the shower. It was fun just let me say that. Fully nude and gosh was Niall sexy. What a valentines day. It was perfect and a little wet. But that's how we enjoyed it.


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