Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


5. Truth or dare baby?

Ashley's POV: Harry and Kendra had just left for a day at the beach, so me and Zayn
had the whole house all to ourselves. What to do when your home alone with a boy?
Trust me im only 17 it isn't going that far. We sat on the couch just watching tv.
Eventually we got bored so i asked zayn "Hey wanna play truth or dare?" He looks at
me and smiles and says "sure, but naughty or clean?" I look at him laughing and say
"How about just half and half but we can't go too far alright babe?" He nodded and
I said I would go first. I looked at Zayn and said truth or dare? He said dare
trying to act all tough infront of me. I dared him to put on a thong and wear it
for the rest of the game. He asked me "where am i supposed to get a thong!?"
I looked at him and said "Well its not like im 17 and dont own atleast one thong!"
He smiles at me and goes upstairs to my room to find one and put it on. He comes
back downstairs in only a thong and well lets just say his abs were nice but that
thong was sooooo not for him. He sat back down next to me and we continued. He
asked me truth or dare and I said dare trying to show off which was a bad idea. He
dared me to  wear his boxers and no bra for the rest of the game. "NO!!!" I yell
laughing. He said "you have to im in this damn thong!" I laughed and went up stairs
pouting trying to make him feel guilty which didnt work. I came back down but he said
i had to wear no bra he didnt say i couldnt cover myself so i cam eback down wearing
a t-shirt that covered me and i was wearing his plaid red boxers. I sat beside him
and he just smiled. "what?" I asked wondering why he was smiling. He looked up and
down me and said "you just look sexy in that" He said smirking. I just laughed and
went for a kiss we lay there kissing for a while until I hear Harry and Kendra come
through the door. They look at us and then Kendra says "what the heck are you doing!"
I laugh and grab Zayn's hand running upstairs leaving them wondering. We got
upstairs and i went in the bathroom to change. When i came out i threw Zayn his
boxers and noticed he was naked... Wow is all i could think. I was walking to the
door to leave when he turned me around kissing me. I said "you should get dressed
because nothing will happen no matter how much I like you were waiting till marraige
big boy" I laugh and peck his lips one last time before walking back downstairs and
to the kitchen.

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