Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


16. Tori and Liam having problems or just cheating?

Tori's POV: We had just got on the plane. I still didn't know where Liam was taking me... I have a huge fear of flying to I had to take some knock out pills. I got in my seat and chugged a whisky and took my pills. I was out for good after that.

Liam's POV: Tori had just took her pills so I decided I would sleep too. I couldn't wait for Australia! She was going to be so happy when she sees the surprise I got her! I started falling asleep and I wrapped my arm around Tori. Then I went to sleep with Tori. (NOT THAT WAY YOU FUCKING PERVERTS)

Tori's POV: I woke up to Liam kissing me and I smiled. He said "Were here babe" I smiled and said "Great now can I know where we are!?" He said "You will find out" I smiled we walked off the plane and it took forever to get through security!! Liam took me through the parking lot and led me to a black limo. He opened the door for me "Hop in love and see your surprise" He said all cheeky. When I got in I saw my favorite Youtuber! Luke Brooks. "OMFG LIAM THIS IS AWESOME!!" I said. Luke started laughing at me. Liam got in I was sitting between him and Luke. I couldn't believe he did this for me. I turned to Liam then I hugged and kissed him. "Thank you so much baby! This is great!" I looked behind me and Luke was starring at us. Was that weird? Eh who cares. I love Liam and he is great for doing this. When we got to Luke's house Liam went upstairs to put away our things. I decided to stay downstairs and help make some dinner. As soon as I walked in the kitchen Luke pushed me against the wall and started kissing me! I pushed him away "Luke what the fuck do you think your doing!! I am with Liam!" He frowned and looked at me with lustful eyes. It made me feel terrible yelling at him. I looked into his eyes now just sparkling. I didn't know what to do but I just leaned in and kissed him again. He put me against the wall again. We heard Liam calling my name and I pulled away. "You know this is a one time thing right Luke" He said "Well maybe it can just last while your here for the week. You know you want it" He smirked. "I don't think so." I walked upstairs to find Liam. I went in and he just started kissing me. I kissed back of course. He picked me up and layed me on the bed. He layed on top of me and kept kissing me. I didn't know what to do. I knew I was staying with Liam but well as of the moment two guys wanted to fuck me. I had the choice. Well I mean what happens in Australia stays in Australia right? I don't know but im just gonna think about Liam right now because he just un hooked my bra. You know the rest. I don't like getting detailed with this so ya.

Liam's POV: I woke up the next morning at my friend Luke's house with Tori in my arms all snuggled up in my chest. I kissed her for head and she woke up. "Morning beautiful" I said. "Morning babe" She said still sleepy. We got up and headed downstairs. When we got in the kitchen Luke was trying to cook breakfast. "Morning guys" He said smiling. "Need any help?" Tori asked. "Well I cant make eggs can you help with that?" "Sure" Tori said walking over. "Where are the eggs?" She said looking in the fridge. "Oh no! Were out! Liam think you can run to the store while me and Tori finish up the rest of the stuff while you get some eggs and orange juice?" I smiled "Sure thing ill be back in around 15 minutes I guess!" I walked out the door kissing Tori and telling her bye.

Tori's POV: Liam had just left for some eggs. I felt a pair of arms wrap around my waist as hot air blowed on my neck. "Were all alone for a whole 15 minutes babe. You know you want it" I felt Luke's hot breath on my neck it made me tingle. I felt him start kissing my neck which made me moan a bit. I eventually got tired of the teasing on my neck and turned around swift and quick and kissed him. Which turned into a make out. This is bad. I actually did want it but im with Liam! I couldn't choose this. I pulled away and Luke looked so sad. "Im sorry I cant do this im with Liam. We cant be together. I love Liam. Not you im sorry Luke." With that I went upstairs and laid in bed. I just left Luke downstairs. I didn't care. I was with Liam and him only. The Luke kiss was something not even worth having.

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