Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


11. They are coming!

Ashley's POV:  After a couple of weeks living with our boys we have gotten used to them being around more. The boys had went out to the store so me and Kendra just sat around watching tv like lazy bums until the house phone rang. I raced Kendra to the kitchen to see who it was. We put it on speaker and both said "HELLO?!" then we laughed and heard our friends Brooklyn and Erin on the other end of the phone saying "What the fuck guys!! Quite down a bit would ya!?" we laughed and said "sure why'd ya call us babes?" they started whispering but we couldn't understand them then suddenly they both screamed "WERE IN LONDON!!!!" me and Kendra started freaking out! They were our best friends back home but they couldn't afford to come with us when we first came to London! We said "we will be at the air port in 30 minutes to get you!!! stay where you are and Brooklyn no touching other boys! and Erin remember try not to trip over every damn thing in the place ok?" we all laughed and hung up. I grabbed the keys to the jeep and me and Kendra ran out the door. We sped to the airport I ran straight to my girls and hugged them so tight they started choking! I let them go then Kendra hugged them "we have missed you guys!" me and Kendra say. "we missed you too!" Brooklyn said. We helped them with their bags and took them to the car. When we got home Zayn and Harry were there running around screaming my and Kendra's names trying to find us. When they saw us they ran to us picking us up and hugging us. When Brooklyn and Erin saw two members of their favorite band there I swear I think they shit their pants. Brooklyn looked at Erin and said "are they sireously hugging and kissing Zayn Malik and Harry styles or am I high?" I looked at them and said. "No we really are dating them" I said smiling and kissing zany on the cheek. Kendra wasn't even paying attention she was making out with Harry on the couch. "well why don't we have the rest of the boys over to meet the girls huh?" I said to Zayn. He nodded and went to go call them. Brooklyn and Erin looked at me and asked "are the boys from one direction sireously gonna be here!?" I nodded and they almost died. I made them a bed in the spare room down the hall to stay in tonight. Then we they came down stairs all the boys were there and Niall suddenly jumped up and went to Erin. He took her hand and kissed the knuckles. She blushed and he smiled and said "I'm Niall and you must be?" Erin looked at him and said "Im Erin" Niall kept hold of her hand and took her to the couch with him. They sat together then suddenly Louis walked up to Brooklyn. She just starred at him and he took her hand helping her the rest of the way down the stairs then he says "Im Louis, and you are?" Brooklyn said "Names Brooklyn" He looked at her and said "wow your name is just as sexy as you are love" I thought ot myself what a flirt. He takes her hand and sits her beside him we all sit there having a good conversation and eventually the boys go home and they kiss Brooklyn and Erin on their cheeks which made their day. Soon we were all off to bed. Me sleeping in Zayn's arms, Kendra in Harry's and Erin in Brooklyn'. Hey come on they couldn't be left out could they! They had to snuggle too. Speaking of I had a lovely dream about the snuggle bear that does laundry. He's so cute.

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