Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


21. Their gone. Lets Skinny Dip!

Brooklyn's POV: The boys were leaving today. I was going to miss Louis so much! Six whole months without my man to cuddle with at night. How were we supposed to survive now! We were used to having them here to cuddle us, to keep us company, to kiss us, And trust me I don't want any of the girls kissing me. Cuddling I wouldn't mind cause well we did that in Ashley's camper when we were 13. We were trying to get high... I know it was stupid but we had to air the place out and it was January! All the windows were open and the ac on trying to get the smell gone so we weren't caught. It was fun but in all the cold we ended up laying on top of one another cuddling and well we still weren't warm. Sorry I got off topic there. We will have each other for company now but it wont be the same without my carrot boy. I was gonna miss him. I was sitting on the ouch with the rest of the girls. We were waiting on the boys to be ready and for us to say good bye. They all came running downstairs. Me and the girls ran to our boys. "Louis I don't want you to go baby" I said hugging him. "Ill be back before you know it babe. Don't even worry about it. We can Skype atleast once a week. Me and the boys will find a way to get our electronics from Paul." I smiled. "Im gonna miss you so much Louis." I said starting to tear up. "Don't cry love. Not one tear. None while im gone either. We will be together again soon I promise" He kissed me. I never wanted it to end.

Kendra's POV: Harry was hugging me "Harry what am I supposed to do at night without your arms around me to cuddle me, and without you there to tuck me in and kiss me?" I said. He looked at me and kissed my cheek "I will be back soon babe. We are engaged honey. Nothing will go wrong and we will be together I promise love." He kissed me again and we stood hugging.

Ashley's POV: Zayn was jabbering away about the baby "Be very careful babe, let the other girls help you, don't get into any fights, no drinking-" I cut him off "Zayn ill be fine babe. Im only gonna miss you. Take a good look at my body now cause next time you see it there will be a big baby bump" I laughed he smiled and put his hand on my belly. "I will back for both of you babe. I will Skype every now and then and you can show me your tummy every time so I can see" I smiled and kissed him. "Im gonna miss you babe" I said looking into his eyes. "Ill miss you too sweetie" He hugged me. Then he got on his knees and lifted my shirt above my belly. "Ill be home soon little baby" He said laughing and kissed me tummy.

Tori's POV: "Liam I wish you didn't have to go honey." I started to tear up. "Don't cry Tori before you know it ill be back and I promise as soon as im back we can do whatever you want" I smiled. "Promise?" I said. He smiled "I promise babe" He pecked my lips and held my waist.

Erin's POV: "Niall stay on your half of the sandwich!" I shouted at him. We were spending our last "romantic" moments together with food. "Ill eat your half if I want!" He shouted back. When we finished we stood there laughing. Everyone else was making out and we were eating a sandwich. We were a food type couple. "Ill miss you babe. Ill Skype you when I can" I smiled. "I know you have your work to do but when you get back you never know what kinda mood ill be in" I said winking. He smiled and kissed me. The other boys said their final good byes. "Bye we love you!" They shouted as they walked out the door and to the van. Now they were officially gone. The boring days begin. "So what do we do now?" Tori asked plopping down in the love seat. "Well we have 3 hours till my appointment so we can hang out here if you want?" Ashley said. "I have a cruel idea!" Brooklyn said. "What is it?" I said eager to know. "Well I think we should go skinny dipping and maybe take a few pics send them to the boys. Show them what their missing aye?" We all laughed and agreed. "Well hey mine as well do it before I get that enormous bump in me huh?" Ashley said laughing. We all went up stairs to put on some swim suits and out to the yard.

Zayn's POV: I was sitting in between Harry and Louis. Niall and Liam were behind us. We were just enjoying the ride when my phone started buzzing. So did Harry's and Louis' and all of our phones buzzed. I looked at the screen. It was a pic from Ashley. It finished downloading. "Holy shit!" I said. "What did you get Harry said peeping at my screen. I quickly hid it. "Same as you got I believe the girls are torturing us!" I said now angry I missed this. Suddenly Niall and Liam were screaming from the back of the van. "PAUL TURN THIS DAMN VAN AROUND WE HAVE TO GO HOME!" They yelled. Paul stopped the car. "And why is that!?" He said all grouchy. I quickly answered knowing he wouldn't let us just for the girls "We forgot the bag with our stage clothes Paul we have to turn around now!" He turned the car around. "Yes!" I said. "I cant wait to see their faces when we come running to skinny dip too!" Harry said. Not loud enough for Paul to hear but just us boys. When we got back to the house we all quietly went upstairs and took off all our clothes. We then got together and ran to the back yard. Naked of course. We were screaming. "Hey yall cant just skinny dip after were all gone!!" We said jumping in splashing the girls. "well we got you back didn't we!" Brooklyn said. I went under water and swam up behind Ashley and put her on my shoulders. "Put me down Zayn! The other boys see me!" Ashley screamed. I tackled her under water and we kept playing the other boys did too until we heard the car honk. "We have to go now" Harry said. "Sadly this time for good Liam said. We all hugged our girls and ran out of the pool. We got dressed and went back out to the van. "That was fun boys" I said. They nodded and we were off for the tour.

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