Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


25. Oh shit.

Brooklyn's POV: Well the boys have been gone for 7 and a half months now. I hate it here without Louis. Cuddling with the girls and watching movies just isn't the same as cuddling with him. We were all sitting at the table. It was now September 7th. Kendra had to postpone her wedding since the boys were staying longer. Their wedding is scheduled for October 4th. They are having their wedding in Hawaii on the beach. Its a little too late and cold for them to marry outdoors here in London. Plus they will be 10 minutes away from their honey moon spot. We all  sat at the table eating dinner. I made fried chicken, mashed potatoes, and rolls. 'So the boys will be back in 2 weeks." I say."Ya I cant wait to see Zayn." Ashley said smiling. Oh I forgot to mention. She found out she is having a boy. Her and Zayn are waiting to marry till next year. They are getting married in April on the 16th of 2014. "Well how is everyone's food?" I asked. "Good" They all said. We finished dinner and went to the living room as usual to watch our favorite show Switched at Birth. It came on every night now so we would eat dinner around 6 then catch the show at 7. We all piled onto the couch and started watching. We were about half way through the show when Ashley started screaming "Holy shit guys!!!" "What!?" We all asked now worried. "The baby!!" She screamed. I looked down at her pants and they were soaked. "Shit Ashley your water broke somebody call Paul and tell him to get Zayn now!!" I screamed. Tori ran to the kitchen to get the phone. I went to Ashley's room and got her bag she had prepared like the doctor said. "Kendra, Erin help me get her in the car!! TORI WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU WE HAVE TO GO!!" I screamed. Then Tori yelled back "Zayn is on stage they are in New York City!!!" Shit! Tori came running to us. "He is trying to handle it. He got Zayn off stage and he is on his way to an airport but there are no guarantees he will make it for the birth"

Zayn's POV: Two weeks from going home to the girls and seeing my specific girl and my son on the way. We were on stage singing Little Things when the music stopped. The crowd started booing. I walked to the side of the stage to see Paul. "What is going on!?" I asked. "Ashley is going into labor you have to get to the airport now. We will handle the fans just go!" Paul yelled. I ran off the stage and got to the back. I got in the car and I yelled for the driver to go! I got to the airport and ran past security. I just ran onto a plane back for London not caring about a ticket. "Sir you have to have a ticket for this plane. It is booked no other people can fly sir" A lady said. "Get this plane going! My wife is in labor back in London and im Zayn fucking Malik don't tell me I cant get on whatever plane I want to! Especially during a time of need!" I yelled. I was angry that I wasn't getting to London any sooner. I was supposed to arrive back in London in 5 hours. Shit I could miss the delivery! They finally got this big piece of shit going. I was on my way. I cant miss this is just cant!

Ashley's POV: My water broke about 20 minutes ago. I am outside the hospital now. This baby just had to come a whole damn month and a half early didn't it! Ugh. I hope Zayn gets here in time. I got in the hospital and they took me to a room and got me changed. I was laying in the bed when the doctor came in. "Alright miss Renee you have contracted 3 cm which means you have 9cm to go. It will take about 3 hours and it will be very painful. I have brought you some pills. Take these and it should ease the pain" I took the pills from his hand and took them. God this hurt!!! Why did you have to come so early!! Ughh!! The girls came into the room. "Zayn is on a flight here. He is supposed to be here in 5 hours." Tori said. "The doctor said I have 9cm left  to go. He said it should take 4 hours!" Shit Zayn isn't going to make it in time! I felt a jolt in my stomach! "Damn!!!" I screamed. Kendra came to my side and held my hand. "Its ok you'll be alright and so will Brice" She said comforting me. "Thanks" I tried to smile but couldn't. The pain was terrible. (Just by the way I'm 12 I don't know much about this pregnant shit so if this isn't how it goes in those bloody rooms oh well no hate cause if I did know it all that would just be fucking sick)

Zayn's POV: I was landing in London. The airport is 30 minutes away from the hospital. I ran outside and found the van we had left there when we first caught a flight. I started the engine and started driving. I was speeding and eventually had a cop behind me. I didn't care I was getting to this hospital!

Ashley's POV: I had 2 cm left. It had been 6 hours!! The doctors prediction wasn't right but Zayn should be here any minute. God I want this thing out of me! The pain is terrible. I hope it is worth it. The doctor came in "Miss you are almost there. We are going to go ahead and wheel you down to the birth room." (Again I don't know how this shit works) They wheeled my bed out of the room and down the hall. On my way I saw Zayn running down the hallway towards me and two cops behind him. "Zayn!!!!" I screamed. He ran over to me and followed the doctors and me. "What the hell are two cops doing with you Zayn?!" I asked kind of panicking. "Oh I kind of sped on my way here" He said. The doctors took us into another room. "Are you the father?" The doctor asked. "Ya" Zayn said smiling. "Alright follow this nurse she will suit you up. Prepare to see some blood sir" The doctor said. They put me onto another bed. I don't want to get any more detailed with all that blood and nudity and touching. But im just going to go on to when the baby was out. The nurse came back in holding little Brice in her arms. He was in a blue blanket all wrapped up. "Would you like to hold him?" She asked. "Yes" I said smiling. She handed me little Brice and walked out of the room. Zayn came and sat next to me on the bed. "He has your eyes" I said smiling up at Zayn. "Yes he does. He has your adorable nose. Look at his hair. It is the same color as yours too." He smiled and kissed me. I fed Brice. Yeah you know with the boobie you sick perverts.. After I had finished feeding him the nurse came in. "You have some visitors." She said smiling then Harry peeped his head through the door. "May we come in?" He asked. "sure but be quiet he's sleeping" Zayn said motioning for them to come in. All the girls were here alone with the boys. They crowded around us. "He's so cute" Brooklyn said rubbing his little head. "Ya I know. Just like his daddy" I said smiling. Zayn kissed my cheek. "Can I hold him?" Kendra asked walking towards me. "Sure" I said. I handed Brice to her. "He's so little." She said. "Well ya he is a month early." I said. We all sat around. Everyone took turns holding little Brice. Then the nurse came in and had to take him away to run tests on him. Since he was early he had some problems. He had asthma but that was about it. No other problems just breathing mostly. The nurse said she thinks he will most likely grow out of any other problems. I fell asleep. Zayn was laying next to me talking to everyone else. It had been a long day. For all of us.

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