Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


14. Italy?

Ashley's POV: Well its 3 weeks away from when the boys leave for their 6 month tour. I wanted Zayn to stay with me but he had to do his work which I understood. Last time I was with all the girls we were thinking we should take a break from being all together and maybe us all get our guy and go somewhere to be together and cuddle before they leave. We all agreed and I loved the idea. I have always wanted to go to Italy. Not for museums of course but to eat some damn good Italian food, and to chill out, maybe even meet someone there. Well those were my OLD reasons then ii met Zayn and that knocked the last reason out... So I came up with another reason. It is said to be the most romantic place in all world. I knew that after hearing that it was the place to take Zayn before their tour. When Zayn and the other boys got home we all went off to our own little worlds with our lover boys. When I sat by the pool with Zayn I started talking "So you are leaving in a couple of weeks now..." I couldn't smile so I tried to fake. I think he could tell cause he scooted closer to me and held my hand he said "I know it will be hard being away for so long but I have to go. I'm sorry love. Ill spend all the time I can with you." After he said that I finally smiled and said. "Well I have a great idea! What if we go to Italy for two weeks and just be together?" He smiled back at me and said "Why not it is a great place, I know you have wanted to go there, and we can be together the whole time no interruptions." I smiled at him and pecked his lips. "I cant believe we are gonna go to Italy I have wanted to go forever!!!" I said smiling. He laughed and said "Ill go book us a flight for tomorrow. You go pack your stuff ill pack then we can spend tonight together too." He kissed me again then we went back inside to go to pack and book flights.

Brooklyn's POV: Well me and Louis were trying to pick a great place to go for two weeks before he leaves. We were going through ideas like Greece, America, Australia, Hawaii, Bahamas, Or to me home town for him to meet my parents. I marked out the last one very first thing. Then we started marking them off one by one. Eventually it was down to Hawaii and the Bahamas. They were both great places but we could only pick one... So since we are both childish people we decided we would play iny miny miney moe to pick. HAWAII WINS! Louis went to book our flights while I packed our bags. We were leaving in 2 days! I couldn't wait for a hot 2 weeks with my hot boy friend.

Kendra's POV: Me and Harry had decided before anyone else. We had no trouble because we had both wanted to go to the same place! We were going to Colorado because we have wanted to go ice skating and skiing since well about when we started choosing places. When we booked our flights and all we went upstairs and packed. We were leaving in 2 days like Brooklyn and Louis. I couldn't wait to be all snuggled and cuddled with Harry. He called me his teddy bear because he felt that he could cuddle and snuggle me anytime. Which I didn't mind at all. As long as it wasn't a teddy bear like Ted. Lets not even go there...

Erin's POV: Well I decided to let Niall pick where we went cause im totally not picky at all... LIE LIE LIE when he started looking at places I took that damn computer and booked us two tickets for a cruise. You actually thought he was gonna pick? Bitch please im the woman. I got the sass and ass for all I do in life. Bring it on bitches! We going on a cruise. We leave in like 3 days so we didn't feel like packing yet so we sat there making out while everyone else picked a place. Every time Niall tried sticking that tongue of his in my mouth I would bite down making it difficult for him. What? I couldn't be easy on him. Maybe later but like I said I got the sass and the ass for it.

Tori's POV: I let Liam choose cause he said he wanted to take me somewhere special. I don't know where but we were leaving tonight and I was so excited!! He said we would be gone for 1 and a half weeks so I started packing and we left the house soon. Everyone else was waiting like 2 or 3 days for their leaving. Me and Liam drove to the air port in his damn sexy mustang! Almost as sexy as him. Nothing in the world compared to him. How I keep my hands off him I don't know. But im just that goody goody girl. Who the hell am I kidding. I am the baddest of them all. Again im kidding bitch please I couldn't hurt a damn fly. Im pretty much what Ashley would call a pussy and she just did over text....Wait till I get back im gonna slap the shit out that bitch.

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