Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


6. I'm glad she's back.

Kendras POV: Since the sexy boys have been staying at our house the past few days,
today we are going to their houses and getting them some clothes then heading home
for a dinner all us together. When we got to Harry;s house i was amazed at how big it
was!! It was huge! We got inside and i walked around looking at everything. I went
upstairs to Harry's room to help him. I walk in seeing him packing a small bag. I walk
up to him adn hug him and kisses me and i wrap my arms around his neck pulling him
closer for a better kiss. When we finished our little session there I helped him
finish packing his bag. When we were done we walked down to his living room and
sat on the couch he held my hand and looked into my eyes. He asked me "Babe, what
is a secret that you would keep from any of your boy friends?" I sat there and
thought for a moment. I looked up at him adn i stuttered while trying to say it..
"Well uhm Harry im still a virgin, i  dont wanna say it cause i know you arent.."
He smiles and laughs. "what is so funny about that!!" I say. He looks at me and says
"Babe it doesnt matter if im not a virgin but you are. I would be honored if you
picked me to be your first. I hope you will but I won't do a thing until your ready
sweetie" I just smile adn wrap my arms around his neck pulling him in for a kiss.
After we finish that session we head home and Ashley and Zayn had some chiken and
mashed potatoes for dinner. My favorite! We sat down and started to eat. I watched
Zayn and Ashley as they sat there flirting, smiling, and holding hands. I haven't
seen her this happy in a long time. She was all sad everyday before Zayn. We moved
here because of what Ashley had as "memories" back in the states. She didn't enjoy
school when younger she hated school. Kids called her ugly and fat. She hated going.
At 16 me and her asked our parents to move to London and we did. She was excited to
leave it all behind and she felt she could start new and forget all those jerks from
our home town. I am just so happy she is herself again. I've missed seeing this side
of her. Im glad shes back.

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