Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


19. "Harry why are we so fancy?"

Harry's POV: I woke up to Kendra throwing a snowball in my face. "Hey that's cold you know!" I said getting out of bed. We were in our suite at a hotel and Kendra had been on the balcony in the snow this morning. She loved the snow. She was so funny playing in it. She was attempting to make a snow angel but had an epic failure cause I went outside and jumped on her! It was so fun we were rolling around in the snow. Both in our pj's. It was so fun just having a snow ball fight. I couldn't even imagine how much fun ice skating would be today. I threw a snowball at her then attacked her. I layed on top of her. She was just in the snow and I kissed her. "You know babe a little snow really accents you" I said we both laughed. We got up and went to go change for a day of play! When we were ready I went and started the rental car. Buurrr it was cold. When Kendra got in she was shivering. "Babe you look a little cold" I said laughing. "Just a little!" She said speaking in her sarcasm. She was a sassy thing. I pressed my lips against hers and put my hadn on her thigh. When I pulled away she said "That sure heated things up!" We both laughed and we started driving towards the ice skating place.

Kendra's POV: We had just got to the ice skating rink and well it wasn't going to great. When we got there and huge crowd of girls came up to Harry and started screaming and asking for autographs. It was annoying. I hope our whole trip wont be like this. I need Harry to myself. When all the girls walked away Harry looked at me and said "Im sorry babe. The fans are just everywhere. If I could keep them away I would love. Im sorry" I smiled and pecked his lips. "Its alright babe. You love me and I love you and that's all that matters love" He grabbed my hand and we went to the counter. The lady sitting there had a mess of red lip stick on she said "Hello cutie and mrs." She said it so snobby. Gosh she was getting on my nerves. Harry said "I would like two pairs of skates please." She handed Harry the skates. "Anything else for the incredibly handsome customer?" She said fluttering her eyes. That set me off. I looked dead in her eyes and said "Back off bitch. He is mine and you cant touch any of him. Keep your slutty paws off my man before I slap the shit out of you" Harry laughed and we walked away laughing. When we got in the rink me and Harry were attempting to ice skate which wasn't working good. I fell on my ass first thing. "you alright love?" Harry said holding out a hand. He pulled me up and we started "skating" again. Harry started going a little bit faster so I was the slow one. Until he slammed into the wall because he couldn't stop. "Harry! Are you ok?!" I said crawling over to him. I wasn't going to attempt skating. He reached out for me and I grabbed his hand. I was trying to pull him up but he pulled me over to him and he just kissed me. "You know this isn't the safest place to be making out right Harry?" He laughed and we got up. It was a long day out at the rink but we finally went back to the hotel around dinner time. Harry was taking me out to eat. He told me to dress up cause it was a special occasion. I didn't know what was gonna happen but I wore a tight blue dress that matched the color of my eyes, I curled my hair, then I did my make up. I was ready to go. When I came out of the bathroom Harry was in a sexy tux and gosh he was hot. "You look good babe" He said walking towards me. He then pecked my lips and said. "Ready to go?" I nodded and we left.

Harry's POV: I was taking Kendra out for a special romantic dinner tonight. I wanted to treat my girl right. I couldn't be on this awesome trip with her and not do any romantic stuff for her. I was ready for a big night and I hope she was too.

Kendra's POV: We had finished our meal and were just sitting there talking. Then I asked "Harry why did you want me to be so fancy for dinner tonight" He smiled and with that he got on one knee. Holy fucking shit things just got sireous. Then Harry said "Kendra I love you and I always want to be with you babe. And I have wanted to ask this for a long time. Kendra Marie" He said pulling out a ring. "Will you be my wife?" I started tearing up. "Yes Harry I will baby. I love you too!" I hugged him and the whole resturaunt clapped for us. "Harry I love you so much" I said still hugging him. He kissed me and we left the resturaunt. In the car I called Ashley and Zayn. "Hello??!!" They both said. I guessed I was on speaker. "Guess what you guys!" I said with excitement. "What?" Ashley said. "IM ENGAGED!" Ashley started screaming. "Oh my fucking God Kendra are you sireous! Im so happy for you! Can I be your brides maid!?" I laughed and said. "Duh you can! And Erin can be my flower girl!" We laughed and after talking a few minutes we hung up. I was tired so I decided I would tell the rest of the girls tomorrow. When me and Harry got in bed I rolled over and faced towards him "Harry I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life with you babe" He smiled and said "I love you too. And we will. After I get back from the tour we will have our wedding in the summer. That way we can always celebrate our anniversary during a time when I will always be off work" I smiled and kiss him. After being all cute and making out we eventually went to bed. I couldn't believe I was engaged to Harry styles. Im in love. This was perfect.

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