Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


4. Be mine love?

Kendras POV: The next morning i woke up in Harry's warm arms to find him still
sleeping I kissed his cheek and to that he awoke. "Good morning beautiful" He said
in a sexy morning voice. God how that voice sent shivers through me. "Good morning"
I say trying my best not to just kiss him then. I got up and when I turned around
to see Harry standing there completely nude. I couldn't help but stare at him. He
covered his area and said "Sorry love I just couldnt sleep with all those clothes
on trapping...well you know who." I just laughed and walked out and down stairs to
the kitchen and put some tea on and made some eggs. I felt two arms wrap around my
waist and heard Harry's sexy voice say "Did you end up getting scared last night?"
I turned to face him and said "No i actually slept well" I said smiling trying to
flirt with him a little. "Like some eggs and tea?" I ask him. He nods and I make
him a plate and a cup of tea I set our food adn tea down at the table. He comes to
join me and to my surprise he picks his chair up sets it so close to me I could
feel his breath as he talked. We talked all during breakfast. Then suddenly Harry
grabbed my hand and looked into my eyes and said "Kendra I think you are the most
beautiful girl in the world. Will you be mine?" I looked straight into his eyes and
pressed my lips to his. I pulled away and said "yes, I will" I smiled and kissed
him again this time it lasting much longer i wrapped my arms around his neck as he
had his hands on my hips. We stopped kissing when I heard Ashley and Zayn coming
downstairs both laughing. I turned and said "whats so funny love birds?" They
looked at each other then back at me and both smiled and said "Just talking bout
stuff from last night" They laughed again and I looked at Ashley with a questioning
look. She whispered to Zayn and then looked back at me and Harry and they both said
at the same time "we are dating now" as they finished saying that Zayn grabbed her
hand. I felt so happy for her I ran giving her a hug and she hugged me with one
arm not wanting to let go of Zayns hand with the other. I turned to look at Harry,
he nodded and i looked at Ashley and said "I'm dating Harry!!" She smiled and
hugged me with one arm yet again. When we pulled away i felt two arms wrap around
me as i also felt a pair of lips kiss my cheek. I turned to Harry and pecked his
lips. I told Ashley and Zayn there was some tea and eggs left from breakfast. I
told Harry i needed to shower and told him he could watch tv while i was gone. I
went upstairs, stripped down adn hopped into the shower turning the water on. I
was washing my body when there was a knock at the door. I said "who is it!!" then
I heard Harry say it was him and that he had to pee. I told him to come in and he
did. When i didn't hear a flush i started to wonder but the the curtain opened
and there standing was a naked Harry. "What are you doing!!" I screamed. He looked
at me so inicently and said "can I join you babe? I thought I might could help you
clean up for our date today!" I couldn't resist that inocent little Harry and
motioned him in. He hopped in and closed the curtain. I turned to him and said
"what date today?" He grabbed me by the waist pulling me closer and said "Im taking
you to the beach for a little fun today love" he said smirking. I smiled and turned
around continuing to wash when I heard Harry open my bottle of vanilla body wash.
I thought it was a little girly for him until I felt him rubbing the body wash on
me. Just at me waist though if he tryed going up or down I would just put his hands
back on my hips and continue washing. After we got out of the shower we got dressed
and went out to the beach. It was a great day! We tanned, played volleyball(my fav sport)
and then we went swimming and went home. It was the best day ever. When we got home
I didnt see Ashley or Zayn. I wonder where they were today.

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