Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


20. Back home sadly. Or gladly?

Kendra's POV: Well we all cam home today. Not the same though. The others maybe but I cam home an engaged woman and Harry and engaged man. I know getting married at 17 was illegal but I turned 18 in a month which means my birthday is while Harry is gone. By the time he is back I will be 18 and ready for marriage. While they are gone for the whole 6 months me and the girls had time for planning. I had figured out that Brooklyn, Ashley, Erin and Tori would be my brides maids then Harry's niece Ally will be the flower girl. Then of course. Zayn, Louis, Niall, and Liam will be Harry's best men. (I don't know how many brides maids or best men there are in a wedding so this can just be a special wedding) I just wanted to figure that out for now. I would find a dress and all closer to the wedding. I have decided for it to be a small wedding. Mostly just friends and family. Harry hasn't met my mum and dad so the wedding should be exciting. The other girls haven't introduced their parents either though. Since London we have grown apart from our families and home town so while the boys are gone we are all going home for a week all together and we are sharing a hotel room. Our parents don't have room for us WOMEN now. I was walking down to the kitchen and all the girls were in there. The boys were up stairs packing tonight and leaving in the morning. I don't want them to leave and neither do the other girls. "Hey guys" I broke the silence. "Hey" Ashley said sniffling. "Ashley what's wrong?" I said. She shook her head. I knew something was wrong. After pretty much our whole life together I knew something was. "Ashley can I talk to you out on the patio about something?" She looked over at me and said "Why?" Wiping a tear off her face. I grabbed her hand and drug her outside then I shut the door. "What is it?" She said still teared up a bit. "I have known you like forever and I know something is wrong. Please tell me we can work through it together." I begged her to tell me. She was having trouble saying it. "I..I. I think im pregnant." I was shocked at first. "Why are you crying! Its not sad Ashley! Your gonna have a little Zayn" She started to sniffle again then looked up at me. "He is going to be gone for 6 months Kendra he will miss almost everything and I wont have him here to be with me!" She started to just ball by now. "Look me and the girl will be with you we will help you through it." "Kendra what can I do. This means if I ever want my parents to meet him I have to get married. They will never accept him as their son in-law if they know im pregnant!" She was balling her eyes out by now. "We cant change that Ashley. They will learn to forgive you. I know they are big Christians but they will learn to forgive and forget I promise" I hugged her and she just cried into my chest. There has only been 3 times i've ever saw her cry in my whole life with her. The other two times she was broken. This time im gonna cheer her up cause this is a happy thing. "Ashley have you told Zayn?" "No. I didn't know how to" I grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the house "Come on I will gather them all in the living room and we will tell them all at once. Ok?" She just nodded and followed me in. Once everyone was in the living room Ashley came in and sat next to Zayn.

Zayn's POV: Kendra had just came and told us all to go to the living room that there was big news. I finished packing my bag and went downstairs. I sat in the love seat and save the other half for Ashley. She walked in with red eyes. She had been crying. She sat next to me. I put my arm around her pulling her into my chest. "Whats wrong love?" I whispered in her ear. "You'll find out" She whispered back. Then Kendra said "Ok everyone Ashley has some news to share. And please don't judge its taking a lot of guts and well she is hurt by it so be quiet." She then nodded at Ashley. Ashley sat up and faced everyone. "Uhm I don't really know how to say this without crying my eyes out so im just gonna say it. Im pregnant." She put her face in her hands. Holy shit. She is pregnant. How could this happen to us. I didn't know what to say. It was so silent. I knew she was having a hard time with this so I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close. "Why are you crying sweetie? It will be ok. We will make it through this. I promise we will together babe." She started crying again. "We cant go through it together you leave for tour tomorrow Zayn!" She said. She was so worried. I knew I had let her down. "Babe im sorry. It will only be for 6 months though then I will be back and ill make it for the birth of our baby, and I am proud to call it ours." She finally smiled. I kissed her. "It will all be okay" I whispered to her in a hug. Everyone started to shout and scream. "Were are gonna be uncles!!" Said all the boys. Me and Ashley laughed. "Im gonna be an aunt!" Erin shouted jumping on the couch. "We all will be!!" Shouted Kendra. We were all happy about it. Ashley had a doctors appointment for tomorrow. So sadly I would miss the first appointments but I would be back for the last ones. I hated to leave her in such a situation with no one, but I had to do my job if I wanted to support my soon to come child. I got up and walked towards the door. "I will be back in about an hour everybody" I said and blew Ashley a kiss. I walked out the door and to my mustang then I drove off.

Ashley's POV: I was terrified. I had to go through almost all this without Zayn. He just got up and left. Is he mad? I couldn't help the fact I got pregnant. If he was mad lets just remind him that hes responsible for putting on the damn rubber! I hope he wasn't mad. It would be even worse having this baby without his father. That would be terrible. I scheduled a doctors appointment for tomorrow and all the girls are planning on going with me then shopping afterwards for me some bigger clothes. Knowing soon I would have a bump in me belly.

Zayn's POV: I found the perfect one. I payed and got in the car to go home. Ashley was going to love this.

Ashley's POV: All of us had been sitting there thinking of names for a boy or girl. We had decided if the baby was a girl it could be either Alicia, or Cally. If the baby was a boy I wanted to name him Brice, or Chase. Suddenly Zayn bursted through the door and ran up stairs. "What the hell is he doing?" Erin said. "Hell if I know." I said. "So I think if the baby is a boy ill name him Brice, and if the baby is a girl ill name her Ally short for Alicia." I said. Suddenly Zayn came running down the stairs in a tux. "What the hell are you doing Zayn?" I said now thinking he was crazy. "Ashley your pregnant what do you think im doing!" With saying that he got on one knee infront of me. Holy shit. Bitches just got real. "Ashley, we are having a baby in 9 months, we have been together for almost 8 and its on this day that I would like to ask you. Will you marry me Ashley Renee?" I shed a tear. OF JOY. "Yes Zayn I will. I love you" I said and I hugged him. He pulled away and put the ring on my finger. It had a diamond shaped heart with two circle diamonds on its sides. "Oh my gosh Zayn! This must have cost a fortune!" "Nah it didn't cost much babe. You are priceless." He kissed me. Everyone awwhhed then we all went to bed. What a day. When I layed in bed Zayn got in her to me. He kissed me and lifted my shirt up a little. Then he placed his hand on my belly. "Ours" He said smiling. "Ours" I repeated and kissed him. We fell asleep him with his arms around me, and I was cuddled up against his chest. This is going to be a big year. Two weddings, and a pregnancy.

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