Love At First Sight :)

Ashley and Kendra are normal friends who work in a café in London. Until one day they go to work to find the five boys they have loved since they were 13. Find out what happens with these two 17 year olds and which one falls in love with them or if they will just stay friends. Read and find out!


17. Aloha!

Brooklyn's POV: Me and Louis had just landed in Hawaii and I was so fucking tired! When we got to the car I got in and I fell asleep while Louis drove us to the hotel. When we got there I slowly walked to our room I dropped all my bags and jumped in the bed covering my self up. Louis jumped on me and started tickling me! "Louis stop it tickles!" I laughed and he did too. I flipped him over and I started tickling him. I was tired but the laughing woke me up! When I stopped tickling Louis I just layed on him. He started kissing me then he wrapped his arms around me. He flipped over and now he was on top. I didn't mind much. I kept kissing. "Louis im tired baby. We can finish this tomorrow night" I said kinda sleepily. "Alright babe" He rolled off of me and pecked my lips one more time "Good night love" He said. "Good night babe" With that we went to sleep.

Louis' POV: I woke up next to that beautiful girl I could call mine. I loved her she was just so perfect for me. Her perfect blonde hair with her gorgeous blue eyes. I kissed her forehead which didn't seem to wake up her up so I started kissing her. Then I saw her eyes open "Good morning gorgeous" I said. "Good morning babe" She said in her sexy morning voice. "Shall we get ready to go swimming?" I said. "Sure" She got up and went to the bathroom to change. Damn I was hoping I could at least see her body if she wouldn't let me touch it. I got up to change when I heard the bathroom door open. I was standing there completely nude. I covered my area and said "Uhm sorry I was just changing...." She laughed and said "Its ok not that bad of a view" She just smiled. I turned around to get my trunks when I felt her hand slap my ass. "Hey!" She laughed and said "Cute ass Lou" I laughed and put on my trunks. I put my arm around her and we went down to the beach.

Brooklyn's POV: Me and Louis were having a great time! It was so fun! We started by playing some volleyball, then we got some ice cream. Later we went surfing. Which was a major failure for me. Louis was pretty good though. It was fun. We went back to the beach to tan and just chat. A little later I went to go to a bar a little ways away to get us a couple shots. When I was walking back to my and Louis' towels some Hawaiian guy came up to me "Hey hottie" He said. I looked at him really weird then said "Uhhhmm hi? Can I help you?" He laughed and said "Ya you can help me cure this" He said pointing down to a bulge in his pants... "Uhm that is sick and im not touching any of that. Go fuck your self and don't hit on girls that have boy friends you ass hole." I said very pissed now. Louis came towards me when he noticed I was angry. "Who is this babe?" Louis said. The guy looked really mad. "I am a guy that was here and I came to compliment this beautiful girl. Got a problem with that ass wipe?" The guy said. I could tell Louis was beyond pissed now. I was about to grab Louis and walk away when Louis punched the guy he fell to the sand. "Louis! Its ok lets just go back to our spot now ok babe" I said pleadingly. "Fine babe" He said and he grabbed my hand pulling me away. The guy got up and ran away. God what a sick guy. Asking a girl to cure is small ass boner. He needed help but not that kind. When we got back to the towels me and Louis just layed down on our stomachs and watched the waves. Louis broke the silence and said "Im sorry I hit him babe... I just get so jealous of another guy talking to you.. I want you to be mine and mine only, forever love" I just smiled at him. I pecked his lips and said "I am yours Louis. And I always will be. I want no one but you baby. I love you" He smiled and said "I love you too Brooklyn." We kissed again. Then later we went back to the hotel to sleep before another fun day in Hawaii. No we didn't do anything. I am totally against sex before marriage. I told Louis that tonight and that boy of mine said "So you want me to plan a wedding for tomorrow?" We just laughed. I loved Louis. He was a child just like me and he was perfect, and mine. We fell asleep after a long night of talking. Just telling secrets and having fun. Like always.

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