Valentines Day with 1D

This movella is for the One Direction competition! I really hope people choose it


2. Walk in the park

You've been dating Niall for a year and for Valentine's Day you're going for a picnic in the park.

"Niall, you almost done?" You say from outside your room

"Yeah, just gimme a second."

"Okay, I'll be downstairs."

~~~~At the park~~~~~~

"Can you give me a hand with this?" Niall asks as he fumbles with the big wooden basket as he tries to put down the blanket

You take the basket from his hand and sit it down on the blanket. You comb your hair back and sit down on the blanket. Inside the basket is a bouquet of roses.

"Oh Niall, these are gorgeous!" You say and get up to kiss him

He kiss you back gently and puts his hand on your back. He smiles into the kiss and says "That's not the only surprise I have."

He lets go of you and gets down on one knee. Out of habit, you put a hand over your mouth.

"(Y/N) I've loved you since the day I looked at you. Will you make the happiest man in the world? Marry me?"

"Niall, I love you so much. Yes, I'll marry you." You say and kneel down to kiss him

He puts the ring on your finger and you examine it quickly before kissing him passionately.

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