They Said It Would Be Easy (A Niall Horan fanfiction)

Best. Surprise. EVER!! Okay, so I came home from my 1D concert and went back to my room to fangirl and stuff, you know? Well, I go out to grab a glass of water, and ZAYN MALIK IS STANDING THERE! IN MY LIVING ROOM!! I can't contain my excitement!! When I wake up in Niall's arms, I finally found out what true love was. The boys asked me to dinner, and had a special question for me.


1. Starstruck (Chapter 1)

Hi!! This is my Niall Horan fan fiction, and I've been writing in it since the summer! :) I hope you enjoy, and follow me on twitter ;) @1DxForMe

They Said It Would Be Easy

Chapter 1; Starstruck


One Direction was in KCMO for tour. I was in my room after the concert, listening to One Direction. A few minutes later, I went out to get food. I saw Zayn petting my cat and sat on my couch footrest, breathing heavily. "One Direction...... Zayn Malik.... Living room..." I was freaking out. I could hardly talk. I slowly went to the kitchen and drank a glass of water to calm myself. I took a deep breath and went back out there and started petting my cat, as well. Zayn looked at me with a shy smile. My cat walked away and we turned to each other. I looked up at his gorgeous face, nervously. I whispered "Zayn Malik...?" He nodded with a smile. "C-Can I hug you??" And he nodded, so I gave him a hug, burying my head in his chest. He smiled "Aw," He whispered quietly. After a bit, we let go. I sat on my couch and stared at the blank TV in awe. I was starstruck, you could say.

Anyways, Zayn went to the kitchen and I had fallen asleep. Niall came in and saw me sleeping and grinned. He sat by me and watched me sleep. When I woke up, he had his arm around me. I started blushing like crazy. I sat up and looked at him "Niall....." I whispered in disbelief. He chuckled and I hugged him tight and buried my head in his neck, as he did the same thing. A while later, we let go and I looked at him. He looked at me "Wow... You're.. beautiful..." He whispered. I blushed and looked into his eyes, as well. "Oh.. Thanks..." I whispered. I was in love with his eyes, 100%. My heart was beating a thousand miles an hour. He kissed my cheek "I'll be back. I need some food," He said in his cute Irish accent. I giggled with a nod, pointing him to the kitchen. He walked in and my mom showed him what there was.

Meanwhile, I had been holding my other kitty, Ra. Harry walked up and saw me with the cat and grinned. I smiled when I saw him coming towards me. "Wanna hold him? His name is Ra!" I asked him. He nodded with a smile. I laughed and handed him to him. "Harry.... You're Harry Styles...." I said to myself with a nod. Harry put Ra down on his play tree. I looked at him and he nodded, as if reading my mind. I hugged him tight and he hugged me. We let go and looked at each other for a bit. I took a deep breath, taking everything in. "The other cat is in the dining room, if you care to know," I smiled and said to him. He nodded with a cheeky smile. "Thank you. And her name is?" He asked with his lovely British accent. "Sabrina." I smiled and told him, as he walked into the dining room. My mom came out of the kitchen and elbowed me lightly. "Hey, I think he likes you," She whispered. I smiled with a shrug. "Did you see Niall with me?" I whispered back with a laugh. She went to the dining room to work on school work.

Later, Liam walked in. I looked at him and smiled with a wave, thinking to myself "Liam!!!!!!!" He smiled and walked to me. I waved shyly. He grinned and hugged me tight. I laughed and said, "That was totally unexpected!" He grinned and loosened the hug. "Well, I am a pretty unpredictable person!" I giggled and hugged him, rolling my eyes playfully. He laughed. I let go and smiled, "Well, now I've met all of you but Louis!" Liam chuckled and said, "He'll probably make a magical appearance soon enough!" I laughed, knowing it was probably true. "Well, I'm gonna go grab something to eat with the boys, avoiding all spoons." I chuckled and he walked to the kitchen.

Some time passed before Louis appeared like a ninja. I saw him and laughed to myself. I grinned. He walked up to me from the couch. "Expect me to make a "magical" appearance?" He asked. I nodded and laughed. "Me and Liam did" He chuckled, "Of course he did!" I giggled lightly and gave him a hug. He hugged me and I buried my head into his chest. "Got any carrots?" He asked me as I separated the hug. "Yep. Go into the kitchen. Open the fridge and they should be in the bottom drawer," I smiled and said to him. He smiled with a nod. "Okay thanks!" He said. I giggled and sat on the luv sac, a giant bean bag in the living room. From there, I could listen and see what they were doing back there.
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