When We Were Young

Forrest Blackwood and Niall Horan have been friends forever. Throughout time, their friendship will be put to the test many times. Will they stay strong?


3. Niall

Forrest and I were both ten years old. We were also about to have an extreme change in our lives. Forrest was moving. Luckily, it was only to Germany. Nobody knew if they'd stay in Germany, or if the family would go somewhere else, like America.
I gave Forrest a big hug, and I watched her walk away from me. My mum nudged my shoulder.
"Niall," she wispered, handing me something. I looked at the necklace, looked at m mum, smiled, and grabbed it, racing towards my friend.
"Forrest!" I cried. She turned around, now on the verge of tears. Carefully, I put the necklace around her neck.
"I'm gonna miss you, Niall." she wispered. I gave her a hug.
"I can't beleive that I may never see you again." I said. She looked around, like in those western movies we used to stay up watching.
"I'll be back," she said "I'm not done with Mullingar just yet." And with that, she got into her parents car and drove they drove away. And I said goodbye to my best friend, forever.
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