When We Were Young

Forrest Blackwood and Niall Horan have been friends forever. Throughout time, their friendship will be put to the test many times. Will they stay strong?


2. Niall

"So, you kicked Ms. Morris." My mum asked.
"Because she made a girl cry?"
"Uh-huh." I was pretty proud of my self for kicking my teacher. When I saw Forrest crying, I marched up to my teachers desk, looked her in the eye, and said; "She was paintomg Kansas. You threw her painting away. You should say you're sorry." And then I kicked her, right in the shin. I didn't even leave a bruise, but for some reason I was sent to the office. There, they called my mum, and she came to the school and they told her what happened. Hoelnestly, I think Ms. Morris was making the whole situation a lot worse, because she was being extremely dramatic.
"Well, at least he was defending a girl." My brother said.
"Greg!" My mother snapped at him. He sank back into the kitchen chair.

Turns out, nobody punished me. My mum made me promise to never do it again, and te school thought that my mum was punishing me, so I got off on that one. The next day, Forrest approached me. She seemed shy, but at the same time, happy, and full of life.
"Thank you," She said, "I really do appreciate you standing up for me, but you didn't need to kick Ms. Morris." She smiled. We sat next to each other the rest of the day. Ms. Morris was nicer to the boy of us, and I had finally found a friend to stand out with. We stayed friends forever. I learned that Forrest was from a place called Fort Leavenworth, a US military base in Kansas. This was also her first time ever moving, even to a different house, which really sucks, having your first move being across he ocean. When we were seven, Forrest's mother had a baby. The baby's name was Reid. Forrest and I came up with it. The two of us were beiber and sister, Siamese twins.
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