When We Were Young

Forrest Blackwood and Niall Horan have been friends forever. Throughout time, their friendship will be put to the test many times. Will they stay strong?


1. Niall

The first time I ever met Forrest Aylyn Blackwood was in kindergarten. Ms. Morris said that she was from America. The whole day, kids stared at her. I, for some reason, wanted to be friends with her, this strange new American girl. She seemed shy, looking away whenever a somebody looked at her, talked to her, or even came near her. Finally, at lunch, I looked over to the table that was usually empty, and saw Forrest sitting alone. I sat alone too, not being at all popular. I picked up my tray, and I went over to her.
"Hi." I said.
"Hi," She mumbled. She looked at my lunch tray. "Is that chicken?" I looked down. Whatever it was, it was covered in a pasty gravy, and it had chunks of who-knows-what sticking out of it.
"I don't know. Maybe meatloaf?" she grinned as I sat down next to her. She ripped off half of her sandwich and handed it to me.
"It's cheese." she said. So, yeah, I met my best friend at lunch and we bonded over a mystery meal and a sandwich. But thats only if you stop reading now. Which you could. I can't tell you that things get worse from here, because yes, they do, but we also have twice as much fun, to make up for the time lost being sad and depressed.

After lunch, during art class, Ms. Morris put Forrest next to me.
"Now, children, today, we will paint your home. Your town, your house, your country, as long as it's where your from." Ms. Morris announced. We set to work. I painted my house. I painted my family right in the front yard, too. At one point I looked at Forrest. She was painting a rectangular shape. At that moment, Ms. Morris walked by us. She stopped and picked up Forrest's picture.
"Forrest, we are not painting shapes. You may go to he time out corner until you can learn how to paint what you're told." Forrest looked confused. The other kids laughed at her. We were all pretty mean, for kindergarteners. Forrest looked around her at all of the snickering kids, and then to where Ms. Morris was pointing. She trudged to the corner, and sat down. I felt bad for her, you know? After Ms. Morris had turned her back, I went over to her.
"Forrest?" I said, touching her shoulder. I looked at her face. I hadn't freaky noticed what she looked like until that moment. Up until then, I had just cared that she was willin to talk to me. But now, I noticed that she had eyes (I know, right? Actual eyes!) that were a beautiful robins egg blue. She had freckles that ran across her face in the cutest way, and her hair was a tanish-blonde, that was in two long broads down her back. I also noticed that she was crying. She looked at me,
"I wasn't painting a shape, Niall. I was painting Kansas"
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