You Were Right In Front Of Me

Hannah has loved One Direction from the start and when opportunity knocks upon her door she jumps at the chance. Spending Valentine's Day with 1D would be a dream come true. She decides that instead of being that perfect fan, she'd be herself. And let's just say hen she meets a certain curled-haired boy sparks fly.


1. Best Day Ever

Hannah's P.O.V

I was at the salon getting my nails and eyebrows done. One lady painting my nails a soft grey and the other applying honey smelling wax on my eyebrows. The process only took about 20 minutes and then I was off to the mall. I got in my car and drove off putting a big pair of sunglasses over my red browbones. I pulled in the parking lot and went straight to rue21. The cashier knew who I was already and greeted me eagerly. I smiled at her and walked off to the back. They always hid the best things in the back. There was a row of dresses and skirts. I picked out a baby pink floral print skirt and a tight white tanktop. I walked over to the changing area and walked into the open stall that said 'princess'. I tried on the garments and smiled. They fit perfectly, as they usually do since I have a pretty thin figure. The skirt made my big hips look slim and my chest look bigger. Plus the pink from the skirt gave my caramel brown eyes a warm glow. I changed back into my jeans and t-shirt, paid for my clothes, and left. I had a few hours to kill so I walked over to the exclusive makeup store across the big hallway. The cashier looked like she'd rather be dead and grunted when I walked in. I ignored her and walked over to the mascara section. I took a makeup remover wipe and tried on a few different styles of mascara. I decided on one that made my lashes long and thick looking and pranced over to the lipgloss. I picked out my favorite right away then went to check out the foundation area. I tried on a few different ones and settled on a medium beige lotion foundation. I paid for my things and left. I got in my car and drove home, and when I arrived home I walked in the door saying, "I'm home ma!" I heard some noise coming from the kitchen and then she walked out and hugged me. "Let me see!" my mom squeeled implying she wanted to see my eyebrows. I slowly took off my sunglasses and she smiled. She looked at me and her eyes said 'you look beautiful'. I smiled and we ate dinner which was some weird chinese dish she was trying out. We talked about tomorrow until it was pretty late and then I got up to go to bed.


I woke up to a loud beeping and I groaned getting up to turn off my alarm. I looked at my clock which read 5:30. I'd have a half hour to shower. I got my fuzzy purple robe and a pair of lacey white underwear and walked off to the bathroom. I got in and used my favorite shampoo and bodywash and then shaved my legs and armpits. When I was done I got out patting my hair dry. I slipped on my undergarments and wrapped myself in my robe. I walked back to my room and glanced at the clock 5:57, I was ahead of schedule. I continued with my daily morning routine, drying my hair, starightening and then curling it, and lastly makeup. I got the small green bag out of my closet and walked over to my big mirror. I pinned my hair back so nothing would touch it and began. I didn't like alot of makeup so only applied one coat of my new foundation. It made my skin look flawless, other than the fact that I only had about two pimples. I screwed the cap back on and unpacked my mascara, applying it generously. I dabbed a quick coat of lipgloss on and looked at myself. I smiled. Sure, I wasn't the prettiest girl, but I loved being me. I looked over at the clock which said it was almost 8:30. I skipped over to my closet opening up the big french doors. I picked up the white bag and looked inside. I looked over the garments then put them down on my bed. I went back to my closet and picked out my favorite pair of nude pumps. They went great with my outfit. I placed them on the bed as well. I unwrapped my robe and dropped it to the floor and put on my tanktop first, and then my skirt which the type that went about mid stomach. I turned and looked at myself in the mirror and found myself smiling. The outfit really did fit me well. I went and fixed my hair so it looked perfect and then looked at the clock. It was 9:04, I had to be in Chicago by 11:00. I quickly slipped on my heels and grabbed a white blazer out of my closet. I grabbed a brown handbag with gold heart clasps and hurried out of my room. I crept down the stairs cautious not to wake anyone. I grabbed one of those to go toothbrushes, a poptart, and some mint gum. I had brushed my teeth but I was just being safe. I got my car keys, crawled into my car, and drove off.


Harry's P.O.V

We were all the cafe we were told to be at. It was only 10:23 but we wanted to be early. It was Valentines Day and Lou, Liam, and Zayn had all brought their girlfriends, and well, Niall and I had eachother. We were talking when a small black car drove up, and I paid no attention to it. It was only 10:48 now, Niall got up to go to the bathroom and I was left alone. The door jingled and in walked a beautiful brunette girl. She looked down at a little gold watch on her wrist and then looked around. She spotted us and smiled. She started to walk over and Paul walked in front of her, he came out of no where. They exchanged a few words and she showed him a paper. He laughed as they talked and she was giggling showing off her perfect smile. He walked her over to the table and everyone looked up, even Niall who was coming out of the bathroom. "Boys, Hannah. Hannah, Boys." Paul introduces and Hannah waved a small dainty hand at us. She took the empty seat next to me and Paul walked off to wherever he was before. "Ello love! I'm Louis and this is Eleanor, but you can call her El. That's Liam and Danielle but you can call her Dani. Next to them is Zayn and Perrie, but you can call her Perrie." He joked and everyone laughed a little. "And lastly that's Niall and that's Hazza." he finished. Did he always have to introduce me like that? She smiled and said her name was Hannah but we can call her whatever we want. "How about... Princess?" I said smiling at her. She blushed slightly and smiled.


Hannah's P.O.V

The boys were great. I decided to deem them all something. Lou was crazy, Zayn was carefree, Liam was responsible, Niall was hungry and immature, and Harry was adorable and cute. It's like everyone says it is. We spent about an hour at the cafe and then we all got up to go see a movie. It was funny walking there because everyone had a walking buddy. Lou and El, Zayn and Perrie, Liam and Dani, Paul and Niall (who was ontop of Paul piggyback style) and finally, Harry and I. Harry was so polite always understanding and listening and laughing at all the right times. We got to the movies and Louis picked out a scary movie because it was the only one showing at that time. Great. I hate scary movies. During the whole movie I was holding Harry's hand for support and hidding my face in his shoulder. I could hardly take it, it was terrifying. Harry smiled whenever I squeezed his hand and laid his head on mine when I burried my face in his shirt. When the movie ended we all went back to the boys' hotel. We all hung out in one room playing games and talking. We had dinner together and shared a couple of childish stories. I never wanted the day to end, but unfortunaely it did.


I was in my car driving home. It was about 11:00 when I pulled in the driveway. I snuck up to my room and took off the navy blue blazer that Harry gave me when I couldn't find mine. I smiled because it smelt like him. I quickly changed into my pajamas which included a white tank top and soft, light orange pj pants, Harry's favorite color. I picked the blazer and put it on my nightstand and then emptied my purse. I turned it upside down and shook it. My phone, lipgloss, and iPod. I was about to close my purse when a slip of paper caught my eye. I picked it out of my purse and unfolded it. 'Call me? -Harry'

Best. Day. Ever.


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