Something Magical- #1 The Something Trilogy

Hiya! I'm Janelle (Jaycee) Styles, Aka Harry Styles sister. I'm 19 and I have caramel Brown hair and deep Brown eyes. Since Harry became famous', We haven' t really seen much of each other. But now he promised I could meet his mates! I was super excited, I couldn't' t wait to see him again! Truthfully, I hope for no drama and all that, but secretly deep deep down, I might just be willing to fall, for one of them.....


35. The final chapter

Janelle' s POV:

Eleanor shoved me to the ground and broke my phone. Unable to think straight, I sat and watched her drive away, leaving me feeling like a total effing jerk face, and all alone

Good thing I still have my one way plane ticket to anywhere I desired. It says that it expires In a week, and the airport is only a five minute walk from here. I decided I would walk there, not wasting my pocket money on a public bus.

When I walked into the airport, I handed the girl my ticket.

"And what would your destination be today sweetie?" She asked kindly. I smiled, her kindness made me feel a little better. "Nonstop to Sea-Tac airport, please." I replied sweetly. "Okay sweetie, you may go board the plane. No need for security, since you have no luggage." She said and handed me my ticket.

I started my walk to gate C5, and once I got there, I boarded the plane and sat down.

I was heading to Seattle, never to see One Direction again.

Except for the occasional posters, magazines, TV, etc.

I would miss my boo, I mean Louis.

I looked at my ticket and saw my seat, 1D.

Oh gosh, every little thing is gonna remind me of them.

I sighed, and sat down and plugged my headphones in.

My Life has been such a bumpy ride.
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