Something Magical- #1 The Something Trilogy

Hiya! I'm Janelle (Jaycee) Styles, Aka Harry Styles sister. I'm 19 and I have caramel Brown hair and deep Brown eyes. Since Harry became famous', We haven' t really seen much of each other. But now he promised I could meet his mates! I was super excited, I couldn't' t wait to see him again! Truthfully, I hope for no drama and all that, but secretly deep deep down, I might just be willing to fall, for one of them.....


17. Keeton

Janelle' s POV:

I woke up on Mica' s couch, with a blanket wrapped around me.

Mica was the sweetest thing ever, I sware.

I got up and checked my texts, Louis was already in The states.

I sighed, 37 messages from Louis, each giving a different reason for being sorry.

I deleted all of them without reading the whole message. I missed him and I truly loved him, but forever was forever, and he gave up, broke his promise.

Then I saw message from my ex, Keeton.

From Keeton: Hey, wondering if you wanna hang? Maybe now?

I frowned, pondering whether this was a good idea or not, Louis probably will find a New girl before the concert in three years.

I smiled and changed then texted him back. 

From Jaycee: Sure I'll meet ya at Starbucks In 10 minutes ;) Are we doing anything tonight?

From Keeton: No, but you can stay over, see ya soon!

I smiled, this would be fun!

I left a note for Mica, Note: Going to a friend's see ya another day! ;)

I gathered my things and started the walk to Star bucks.

Me and Keeton had a lot to catch up on.....

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