Something Magical- #1 The Something Trilogy

Hiya! I'm Janelle (Jaycee) Styles, Aka Harry Styles sister. I'm 19 and I have caramel Brown hair and deep Brown eyes. Since Harry became famous', We haven' t really seen much of each other. But now he promised I could meet his mates! I was super excited, I couldn't' t wait to see him again! Truthfully, I hope for no drama and all that, but secretly deep deep down, I might just be willing to fall, for one of them.....


14. I am not anyone's PERSONAL property, I think.

Janelle' s POV:

After I finished changing, I walked downstairs, searching for my Lou bear.

I hopped down the stairs, two at a time, landing carefully at the bottom.

I walked into the living room and saw a note from Louis,

Note: Went to the store with Zayn :) 

That's weird,why didn't he just wake me up or text me? I decided to text him.

To Louis: Babe when are you coming back?

He didn't text me back, so I went and sat down, until my phone rang, it was Louis!

I picked up and said Hi, but he didn't answer, butt dial I guess, but then I heard Zayn yelling.

"Louis!" He hissed. "Are you fucking listening?" 

I could imagine Louis wincing and being beat up, he must have called me so I heard that I would hear Zayn.

"Janelle Is MY PERSONAL PROPERTY! If you don't break up with her, I'll break you!" Zayn screamed.

I started tearing up, Louis wouldn't do that to me, he would never!

I had to convince myself he wouldn't. I heard Louis talking now.

"Zayn, I won't ever hurt Janelle, I already almost lost her to you! We have only been a couple for two days!"

My heart flipped, he really cared for me, but I didn't want him to be hurt, to save our relationship, so I texted him after hanging up.

To Louis: Lou, you aren't getting beat up to stay with me! I don't want you hurt baby!

It said read and then he sent me this.

To Janelle: Babe I love you with all my heart, we are  always going to stay together, I'll love you forever, I'll be home soon I promise.

I smiled, forever was well... forever!

To Louis: Okay baby just be careful ;) see ya

 To Janelle: Kay babe gtg and just remember forever is forever.

I smiled and wrapped myself in a blanket and popped in a DVD as Harry walked in.

"Hey Jaycee." He said yawning in his raspy morning voice.

I smiled then regretted it, but hey me and Louis were forever, he even said so, and Haz was my little bro, we always would be together so I had to forgive him.

I went over and hugged him tightly.

"So we cool?" He asked.

I smiled "The coolest!" I said laughing.

I was always good at hiding my emotions, I wondered what forever meant to Louis, I was scared about what Zayn could do to him, but then again they are in a band together, they can't fight! Right?

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