Something Magical- #1 The Something Trilogy

Hiya! I'm Janelle (Jaycee) Styles, Aka Harry Styles sister. I'm 19 and I have caramel Brown hair and deep Brown eyes. Since Harry became famous', We haven' t really seen much of each other. But now he promised I could meet his mates! I was super excited, I couldn't' t wait to see him again! Truthfully, I hope for no drama and all that, but secretly deep deep down, I might just be willing to fall, for one of them.....


34. Breaking a promise, that is never to be broken.

Janelle' s POV:

Eleanor pulled into an alley by a hotel.

She dragged me out of the car and made me sit by a wall.

"Listen here, ya little whore. Your going to call Louis and break his effing heart. NOW!" She yelled. Then she handed me my phone. "I can't d-do this." I muttered. Eleanor pulled out her kind and held it to my throat. "Would you rather die?" She hissed.

I smiled weakly and started dialing Louis' s number. What would he think? I mean I'm still in love with him!

He picked up after two rings. "JAYCEEEEE!" He screamed into the phone. I smiled weakly. "ARE YOU ALMOST HOME? WHERE ARE YOU?!?" He yelled. "Uhm, well I'm not really coming back. I called about something else." I could tell his heart sank. "Oh well, what then?" He asked nervously. "I- i- i think we should b-break up." I said, with tears forming in the brim of my eyes. I could practically hear his heart shatter over the phone, and his voice cracking. "You-you don't need to do this Jaycee." He whispered. "It's not that I want to, it's not me it's..." I began and Eleanor glared and sharpened her knife. I gulped. "It's me... I get it." He whispered. "No-no! I really like you!" I whispered. "Well, Janelle, I love you, and today I bought you a Wed.." He began.
Knowing what he was going to say.. I hung up. I couldn't bear it.

We were through. Over. My promise was broken, but somehow, some way, I would fix it.

Louis' s POV:

Over the next few days, after 'the incident' AKA our breakup, I completely lost all hope.

With our new.'Take Me Home' tour coming up, what's the chance of us meeting again? I loved her, with all that's in my power. She left me, alone, forever alone.

I locked myself in a room, and cried myself to sleep every night for a week. Until the tour came, and I knew that I would have to be strong, for the boys, and the fans. Mostly, for myself. I wouldn't move on, I even knew that this was coming, just I wish I hadn' t gotten her the ring.

The stupid wedding ring that she would never take.

The cold heartless jerk. I loved her, her just not what she did.

I grabbed my suitcase and boarded our plane to Japan, our first destination.

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