Something Magical- #1 The Something Trilogy

Hiya! I'm Janelle (Jaycee) Styles, Aka Harry Styles sister. I'm 19 and I have caramel Brown hair and deep Brown eyes. Since Harry became famous', We haven' t really seen much of each other. But now he promised I could meet his mates! I was super excited, I couldn't' t wait to see him again! Truthfully, I hope for no drama and all that, but secretly deep deep down, I might just be willing to fall, for one of them.....


24. Am I All Alone?

Janelle's POV:

I woke up on a couch, with Louis nowhere near me.

I jumped up and went downstairs into the kitchen. I saw Haz and so I hugged him.

"I thought everyone left meeee!" I pretend whined.

He chuckled and let me go. "Jaycee, Louis is upstairs in the lounge!"

I smiled, blew him a kiss, then ran upstairs and I saw Louis gaping at his phone. He put it down when he saw me. Weird....

"What's wrong boobear?' I asked timidly. In response, he held me close and kissed me.

"I just missed you. Three years has been too long." He said smiling.

"I love you boo!" I said.

He put his arm around me and I snuggled up closely to him.

Then he grabbed his phone and started staring at it again.


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