When Love Strikes

Its a rough journey when Kelsey moves from Florida in the USA to Holmes Chapel in England. Kelsey sees it as a fresh start on her acting career. She buys a small but cozy flat and has some interesting neighbors downstairs and upstairs....What happens when Kelsey finds herself in a twist.... will it be love, or her love of acting?


3. Patchy the Pirate

ok so i walk out of my room from changing and i see harry sitting on the couch with an EYE PATCH.... i couldnt help it but just fall to the floor laughing and i couldnt stop! i walked over to him and sat next to him and chuckled a bit, he didnt look amused. its like a light bulb went off in my head.... i say; "Mornin' Patchy" i could NOT keep a straight face! her growled at me then he went on about how Zayn was throwing this huge party back at his place... and how Harry told zayn all about me and that zayn wanted me to come to meet him.... oh my goodnes, watch me completely blow it.


sorry guys for the short chapter! and sorry for delay on chapters, i havent really had lots of time to write. if you have any idea's on what i should write just comment and it will be guaranteed me to fit it in! ~~Hannah xx

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