When Love Strikes

Its a rough journey when Kelsey moves from Florida in the USA to Holmes Chapel in England. Kelsey sees it as a fresh start on her acting career. She buys a small but cozy flat and has some interesting neighbors downstairs and upstairs....What happens when Kelsey finds herself in a twist.... will it be love, or her love of acting?


2. interesting morning....

i look over at Harry and hes completly dead asleep so i answer the incoming phone call from my mum.

"Hello?" i answered sounding insanely tired

"Hello Dearie! is mummy!" she embarrasingly says with excitment

"oh god mum dont say mummy say mum... please, and yes im fine no need to check on me." i said in the most respectful way i could

"i was wondering if u had met any cute boys!" she says in a weird tone

"oh god.... but yes mother i did" sounding irritated but laughing on the inside.

"WHO?!" she sounded way to excited.

"you can figure it out heres a couple hints... tall, green eyes, sexy hair, singer. now ive got to go bye love you" i say and hang up.

i look up at harry and see his adorable green eyes tiredly open. i smile and say morning and he responds saying the same. i get up and start walking towards the kitchen. Harry of course asks what were having and i respond saying captin crunch and lucky charms. he hurdles over the couch and immediatly sits down and starts munching on his cereal. he laughs saying; " this is some good cereal."

i bursted out laughing and i accidently made milk squirt out my nose... oops. then the least expected thing happened... he bursted out laughing and rainbow milk squirted out his nose! p.s the rainbow is from the cereal... we both were laughing hard and i couldnt help but say; " omg were so attractive" using sarcasim of course...

After breakfast i cleaned up our bowls and told harry that i was gonna go freshen up and that he can do what he wants just as long as he downst mess up anything. he moved over to the couch and flipped on the saturday cartoons... he seemed to enjoy himself. i was walking into my bedroom when i heard harry scream; "SHIT!" i ran out the door and by harry and asked him what happened.... he told me that when he was flipping the channel the remote flung out of his hand and wacked him in the eye... he should probably get that checked. i told him that while i was taking a shower he should run to the doctors and get it looked at. so i walked out of the room as he walked out the door.


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