When Love Strikes

Its a rough journey when Kelsey moves from Florida in the USA to Holmes Chapel in England. Kelsey sees it as a fresh start on her acting career. She buys a small but cozy flat and has some interesting neighbors downstairs and upstairs....What happens when Kelsey finds herself in a twist.... will it be love, or her love of acting?


4. "Big" Party all right....

Me and Harry walk into the connected garage that we share and he takes one glance at my car and then decides that were gonna take his. i look over at his Baby Blue Mustang and we both hop in. he puts his hand on my knee, i couldnt help it but to shoo it away and say keep it in ur pants. i cant say i didnt like it but we werent bf and gf yet so i didnt want him to think im just an object. if he wants to be more than friends hes gonna have to grow some balls and ask me himself!

we arrived at zayns and it was a beautiful home, there was a big waterfall out front that had color changing lights built in. the only thing that wasnt as planned was there was only a couple cars... i was expecting the whole driveway and road to be filled up with cars. me and harry walk out of the car and he grabs my hand when were about to walk in.... he was so cheeky. it actually felt right, i didnt mind it. we walk in and i see Niall, Zayn, Perrie, Elenour, Liam, and Louis wide eyed and all i hear is them whistling at me and harry. Harry takes me to a room that had a big flat screen tv mounted on the wall and multiple couches sitting around it. the rest of the guys and perrie and elenour walk in and sit around. zayn yells out TRUTH OR DARE...... Elenour! elenour blushes and says dare. zayn drunk out of his mind already tells her to make out with louis of course she does. next elenour asks me.... oh god umm dare? i say awkwardly. elenour responds saying; i dare you to make-out with Niall... i smirk and lean over to niall, our lips met and he put his arms around my waist and i rustly my fingers through his hair. i look over at harry and he looked pissed off. i walked back over to harry and kissed him on the cheek... he needed some lovin too. after we were done with a couple rounds of truth or dare we just went crazy with dancing and i have to admit i had a couple of drinks as well. that night i wont forget.... because, the most weirdest thing ever happened after the party, i woke up next to harry in bed, me just in my bikini that i wore after we all went swimming.... luckily he was still in his boxers and not commando and gladly nothing happened between us... i looked over at him and kissed his lips, he had that adorable cheeky smile that i just love so much, hes perfect!


sorry guys if things are moving to fast tell me whatcha think! ~~ Hannah xx

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