When Love Strikes

Its a rough journey when Kelsey moves from Florida in the USA to Holmes Chapel in England. Kelsey sees it as a fresh start on her acting career. She buys a small but cozy flat and has some interesting neighbors downstairs and upstairs....What happens when Kelsey finds herself in a twist.... will it be love, or her love of acting?


1. Unpacking love

i pulled into the driveway of my new flat i loved it so much and i was so excited to stay there while i got a start on my new career... except for one thing, theres 2 other people living with me. our flat is split up into 3 floors im on the second floor. i started to take the boxes out of the car and i bring them up stairs, when i got into the flat it felt empty it didnt seem as exciting as the first time i walked in. Once i got all of my boxes up in the room and about half way through unpacking i get a random knock at my door. i open the door to find a Tall man with really sexy green eyes and his hair, ugh its perfect! he started off by introducing himself by saying; "Hello, im Harry, i live on the 3rd floor, i just wanted to say welcome and i must say... before i came here i was expecting a not so pretty woman to live here but wow ur darn beautiful!" he said it with such the cheekiest smile. i introduced myself and welcomed him in. he helped me unpack all my boxes and then grabbed my hand gesturing for me to sit down on the couch.

i clicked on the tv and it was the newz, they were talking about how louis from one direction was caught on the kissing cam at a baseball game. i didnt quite recognize that harry was Harry Styles so i told him that my sister was in love with Louis and i explained that i was more Harry's type... he chuckled as i said he looked like him, not knowing that a minute after he told me that he was thee Harry Styles. i felt so embarrased and i was as red as a tomatoe. he leaned over and laughingly told me that he was more Kelsey type then Taylor. i was starting to get a bit tired when i found myself resting my head in his lap and him gently playing with my hair. Eventually i must have drifted off because my phone awakened me from my sleep... mum.


sorry guys if its escalating to quickly or if im going to fast. its my second movella and im really trying to do really good on it. i love you! and i hope you love my movella! comment whatcha think!

love ya----- Hannah xx :)

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