When I See You

In this you will get to see one girls love for someone else and how it effects her.


3. Diary

I feel like someone has just stabbed me a thousand times in the heart. Someone who I talk to everyday and love so much treats me like I am trash... When we talk out of school he cares and he's so sweet! But when we are in school he just ignores me. I guess I really am invisible? When you talk to someone every day you get attached to them and they are all you think about. You just sit in your room for hours and think about that one person. The person who stole your heart. I know I'm only in the seventh grade but you must understand!!! Then there are those nights you dream about him and he's holding you then reality strikes in... that it was all a dream and that he will never feel the same. I hate that feeling when he ignores me for so long then he starts talking to me like nothing had ever happened... because to him nothing ever did. When we fight its not that big of a deal to him. But its a huge deal to me! People are like music... some speak the truth... others just make noise. It's ironic that when you need him he's not there... but when you finally start to move on from him he crawls right back to you. It's hard to wait for something for so long even though you know it will never happen... but it's even harder when its all you've ever wanted. The worst feeling ever is when someone makes you feel special then suddenly leaves you hanging and you have to act like you dont care at all. He can break my heart but i will still love him with all the little pieces. If you knew him like I know him you would feel the exact same way... Its just so hard to let go of someone you will never forget <3

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