When I See You

In this you will get to see one girls love for someone else and how it effects her.


1. The Very Beginning

     Have you ever thought of one person so much that it makes your heart ache? That the one person you have real feelings for doesn't feel the same way? You can talk to them for so long that they become your best friend... but that's all you are to them. I guess you can say I love him its just that I know he doesn't feel the same way. There are to many other girls out there that he likes more than me and there is nothing I can do to change that.

     I guess for you to truly understand we must go back to the beginning...


"Hey Josh!" I said one dreary Monday morning during Spanish class

"Hey Marie..." He replied less excitedly then I had, but I guess I should get use to it because that's all he ever says to me anyway... Why should I bother?

    Well I decided that since there was nothing else to say I should just walk away so it wouldn't be all awkward. Oh how I wish he would actually talk to me in school. We talk all the time out of school when his obnoxious friends aren't around, but hey we are only in the seventh grade we do have to impress our friends.

    Of course I look across the room and who do I see? Yes that's right Amanda Bloomberg. The prettiest girl in the school and who does she happen to be dating? You guessed it Josh Valastro. I see her walk over to his group of annoying friends and of course they all adore her because everyone likes everything and everyone Josh likes. 

   I look away just to see my friend Miranda sitting in the back of the room.

"Hey Miranda! Come here!" I said

"Okay.." she mumbled"But its to far!!!"Of course a normal Miranda move. So I got up and went over to her.

She looked at me and knew I was upset. Even though we have only known each other since the Sixth Grade Miranda could tell when I was upset. Which was a plus because I really didn't feel like telling her when I was mad and when I wasn't

"So what's wrong now?"Miranda whispered so the people around us couldn't here.

"Well... The whole thing with Josh is kinda annoying me. I just wish he would break up with her already! Its not like she actually likes him... she just likes making me mad. Why would a guy like Josh like a girl like Amanda?"

"Ya she does like making you mad... and I'm not sure why he likes her to be honest? I mean out of school you and Josh are like best friends but in school you guys act like you have never spoken a day in your life." Miranda was always one with giving good advice and knowing exactly what was going on at all times.

"Ya I know... but"Before I could finish my sentence the bell had rang and it was time to switch classes.

"Well just text me later" Miranda said and we moved to the next class.

 When I went to go get some water Josh came up right behind me and tapped me on the head and walked away smiling. See just things like that mean so much to me! As he walked away I just watched and smiled.



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